Speaker with battery for little ladies

Hi I’m currently looking for a speaker I can connect with Bluetooth airplay and that has a battery for flexible use. It would be great if it could used as a roon endpoint. It’s for my little girls. They love to hear their bibi Blocksberg everywhere in the flat. I found the audio pro c3 but I think roon is not supported and it’s pricey. Do you have any ideas? Thanks

A Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i with BP100 Battery Pack would fit the bill, but that will come in at around £350.

An alternative, if they have a 64bit iOS device, is to use a DAB radio with a Lightning dock. For example, the View Quest Retro Radio MKII DAB radio works … I have one of these too.

Both work with Roon: the radio uses an iPod/ iPhone as the endpoint.


That bluesound flex looks like a nice device but the price is just too high. The kids don’t have a mobile. My wife is using an iPhone and I’m using a p20 pro. We have two sonos one but they are always in the wrong room and the kids love to sit somewhere in a corner or a self build cave to. Listen to their stories. So something more robust, and not too expensive would be great. And not to complicated… Not a device with a dingle or something like that. Maybe the portable sonos would be a solution but I think it is also quite expensive and people seem to be not. So happy with it.

Or a refurbished iPod Touch and pair with a Bluetooth speaker that has a dock.

Thanks for the suggestions but that’s to complex. Just a speaker with the needed interfaces and a battery would be great.

2, 3 and 5.

Everything with a chromecast built-in will do, why not a Google nest mini? My 11-year old son uses it for Roon. Works with Bluetooth as well.


Thanks can it be used mobile with a battery?

No. Sorry, I forgot that feature request!

But I like the idea. For the old nest there were some batterystations available. What about the echo dot is it roon ready? Or maybe another portable device with integrated chromecast?

Check out the JBL Link Portable or 20. There is also a smaller Link 10 (perhaps discontinued?).

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Chromecast Audio powered by a power bank into a suitable mini speaker? Plenty of them have a 3.5mm input jack. Cheap and versatile.

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hi…thanks…but that´s to complex…they are to small for multiple components. I will have a look at the JBL stuff. If there is a device that has chromecast integrated and is also usable with the Iphone of my wife that might be a good and robust way of listening to the stories on a portable device.

I chose the JBL Link portable…I think that device is rugged and waterproof…that should be fine for the little monsters :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for all your tipps and help.

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Danish Libratone is also a possibility?