Speakers resembling the KLH Model 5

So, I love the aesthetic of the KLH Model 5 speakers, but from reading around online, they just don’t measure up soundwise against my current pair of KEF R3. Are there any speakers that surpass the KEFs in sound quality (subjective I know), but that maintain the more traditional look? Something that blends in a bit more than my piano black bookshelves on Monoprice Monolith stands?

It’s a year or so down the road as I’m about to upgrade from a Marantz PM7000N to the NAD C399, but I’d like to start looking around.

Do you have a budget in mind? Were it my money, I’d upgrade speakers before amplification. The former makes by far the greater difference in a system than the latter…


The KEF R3s outclass my current amplifier already and they were the most recent addition to my system. I know about the Speakers > Amp > Source buying path and I’m definitely ready to upgrade the integrated. The Marantz is the choke point currently.

The KEF R3 new were in the $2500 range, so I’m thinking of something around 3k to possibly 4k. I’m not necessarily needing a huge jump in quality, I just don’t want to step back while upgrading the look of the system.

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John I agree with Graeme’s advice about speakers as I have previously been advised to do.

When recently purchasing a new pair of speakers I tried to make sure the speakers were capable of being improved by future better amplifiers that I might bug when the wife allows it :roll_eyes:

I have also heard the same advice about buying speakers multiple times, in that a small step up in price only makes a small difference in sound, so unless you are looking for a different sound signature, you might be wanting to stretch the budget towards the $4k or higher.

The K3 are fine speakers, so what kind of change are you looking for in new speakers?


Again, like I already said, my speakers are outclassing my amplifier so it’s time to upgrade the latter. And like I said in my first post, I’m mostly looking for a change in aesthetic without a downgrade in sound (and I did say 4k was within reach). And lastly, like I said in the second post, I am well aware of the proper upgrade path. I’m looking for specific purchase advice, not chiding about how to spend my money. ; )

I wasn’t trying to chide you, only point out that you need to make a fairly big leap in cost to significantly improve on your R3 speakers

If you are looking for Retro speakers there are the Wharfdale Dovedale speakers that have had some good write-ups. Also the Mission 770 have received some great reviews


I’ll quote myself here…

“I’m not necessarily needing a huge jump in quality, I just don’t want to step back while upgrading the look of the system.”

Also, the Wharfdale are $3000 above what I wanted to spend and the Missions are about $1,000 over.

I asked a question, and was ignored and told what order I should buy my components in. When I explained I was well aware and clarified what I was asking, ANOTHER person came in to say the exact same thing and ignored everything I had said up to that point while writing multiple posts, ultimately suggesting speakers almost twice the cost of what I had asked for.

Maybe you should move on? Thanks!

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Do not ask questions of opinion in a public forum unless you are willing to accept the responses you receive. Since you do not want to hear anything contrary to your preordained ideas, maybe you are the one who should move on by doing your own investigation and making your own determination. That would seem to suit you better.



I got answers to questions I didn’t ask. Repeatedly. Even after specifying that’s not what I was looking for I was ignored and talked down to. What’s with all the weird middle-aged men acting like condescending grandpas in here?

Also, you don’t have to sign forum posts. :sweat_smile:

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In what way are you finding the Marantz to be the choke point?

I assume you’ve home demo’d the NAD against your Marantz with your R3s?

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Choke point is probably the wrong word but…

  • I prefer the neutral delivery of the NAD as opposed to the warmth of the Marantz
  • More detail
  • Better soundstage
  • Dead silent noise level
  • Built in DIRAC
  • Roon Ready so I don’t have to use my Allo DigiOne Signature anymore
  • Better detail at lower volumes (I live in an apartment)
  • Future proofing with the MDC2 modules
  • HDMI eARC as it’s connected to my TV as well
  • BluOS is leaps and bounds better than HEOS if I decide to put speakers somewhere else in my apartment


I agree whit the comments you have received on here. Also, the repetitive use of “like I said” comes across as passive aggressive.

That said, PSB have a similar aesthetic to the KLH you have referred to.

PS: Don’t forget that people on here are trying to give you advice. Don’t pick a fight with them :wink:


Unsolicited advice about a component I didn’t ask for. Over and over.

Either way, thank you! This is the first post that actually addresses my question, falls within the price range, and has the aesthetics I want. Appreciate you. I’ll look into them.

Hi @John_Claude

From your first post, it appears you might be changing from Marantz to a NAD amp. I’d home audition this with your current speakers to see how it all sounds. The Kef R3 speakers are fine speakers.

I’d be cautious of this approach though, as if you decide to change your speakers to that you mention, due to styling they may not suit the NAD.

@Michael_Harris has mentioned earlier back the Wharfdales and Mission Speakes with that retro look, which are both very good sets of speakers. They also meet your requirements on style and sound improvements IMO.

The Marantz is a fine amplified IMO. The Marantz and NAD have different sound signatures as mentioned already.

If you seek the bullet pointed items, then it’s the amp route, but I feel you’ll have to change your speakers anyway to suit your aesthetic needs.

All of us in this thread are great helpers and will only give you sound view points. I hope you see this.

I’ve recently had opinions from others on my next upgrade route. I appreciated all of the views given and totally chose to ignore them :rofl:.

It’s all in the response though.

Hope you find your solution.


For reference - Let's talk about what's Moving and Grooving you today [2023-07] - #2705 by Menzies


They’re unfortunately not two purchases that I can make at once without breaking the bank on a historical archivist’s salary, so as the amp is almost 4 years old at this point, it’s going to be the upgrade before the speakers which are only a year old. They’re really is something that I’m not planning on upgrading for another year or two. My P3 might see an upgrade before the speakers do. I may just wait a bit longer even and go to the Wharfdales that were mentioned by @Michael_Harris

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Did you ever get the amp you were asking about in this thread:


The look reminds me of the Klipsch Heresy floor-stander (other speakers from their premium heritage line also come in classic look). Because of their high sensitivity they usually go well with less powerful amps.
I guess you have to decide for yourself if their sound suites you. I never listen to FEF speakers.

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Thank you! I’ll try to find a local dealer and take a listen.