Specifying Backup Location on OSX via SMB

Hi all, I would like to continue this thread as I have had this problem for many years and till today cannot find a way to backup outside into the network. Currently backing to my server’s internal SSD were my Roon Server and music are kept. If this internal disc fails, I will loose all my Roon settings and data. Each time I attempt to add the smb://xxxxx/xxx/xxx into the path (I use a Mac system), it returns an error message eg “Unexpected error”. Tried all kinds of alternative ways like using IP or /Users/xxx/Music/RoonBackup but it’s always an error message.

What’s would be the correct path to use? Or are there permissions to set up for access?

Why can’t Roon simply offer a finder like interface to select or create a backup folder on the network? Rather than having to enter manually the path?


Hello @Leong_Kin_Foong1,

You’ll want to use the instructions from this KB article to set up a shared folder on OSX for Roon to see. The instructions listed are for adding folders but they can be adapted to have the Roon backups pointed to the OSX using similar steps.


Thanks for the help, I tried the link and follow the instructions. All makes sense, but it still didn’t work in the end. Similar error messages

This didn’t used to be so much of a problem because saving 2 backups (minimum) to dropbox was possible in my case. And so I used that as a way to have a second back up. Unfortunately recently I am unable to fit 2 backups as there’s not enough space in my dropbox (free version)

Any chance Roon can offer other online storages like iCloud?

Not sure about MAC, but on the PC Side you have to give the Username/Password/ and-or Workgroup information or it will fail.

Hello @Leong_Kin_Foong1,

At this time the only online storage locations that Roon offers is Dropbox and I can’t comment on if we will integrate other services in the future. This would definitely be a good feature request if you are interested in this type of functionality.

In your case though, it might be simpler to have a Roon backup pointing to a local storage location and then add that backup folder to your list of iCloud sync locations and keep those in sync.

Have you been able to add the Shared OSX folder as a backup location using the previously mentioned instructions?


Hi Noris, thanks for following up on this. I have been unable to set up a local backup path on my mac system still. Followed the link and suggestions but still unable to get my Roon to recognise a path in my network. I suspect it’s permissions and paths - somehow I am not doing it correctly.

Any chance that Roon will consider making the path selection easier for Mac users?

I request for an iCloud option as it’s then pretty simple like Dropbox. It’s not to backup to the cloud per se, but just to make a backup outside the Roon server as I am unable to do so using a direct path method. Another option would be to allow Dropbox to only save one copy of the backup rather than a minimum of 2 or add compression. That way the storage space requirement is reduced.

Hi @Leong_Kin_Foong1,

I’ll bring up your suggestions with the team but I can’t make any promises here about future integration, the best way to bring up need for a specific type of functionality would be through feature requests.

What kind of Core are you using? I don’t think that was ever specified. Those instructions should take care of the Mac OSX side of things being able to be seen from inside of Roon but if the Server itself is blocking Roon connections then this is also a possible cause of the issue.

Have you made sure to follow the instructions to the letter? Is “Windows File Sharing” checked and the password/workgroup are correct? Are you able to connect to the server share from another PC? You can use these instructions to try to connect to the OSX share from a Windows machine or Apps such as File Explorer or Documents to connect to an SMB share from iOS.

I would verify that the SMB connection to OSX is properly set up and working outside the Roon Core and then only after verifying this then try to add the same SMB information on the Roon Core as a backup location.


Your suggestions are noted and I’ll give them a go again. Good one about checking SMB working outside first. Thanks again.

My Roon core is located in an AudioLinux environment and is the latest version at this time.

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