Spectrum Internet WiFi 6 Router (SAX1V1K)

Ohh, the third MAC address in my snip “58:00:e…” matches what’s in my router UI. This must be good! @connor

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Man - no worries; this is a beta test. Glad all the efforts will have value for the Roon team devs’.!

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@connor how 'bout this - BOOM! (kind of)

  • My phone’s wifi is off,
  • Roon ARC app states it’s not connected
  • Roon desktop/core states “Not Ready”

Here it comes…

…and yet I can play my Roon library over the data connection to my phone.

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Hey @Joshua_Nelson,

Just to clarify, you can play local content in the ARC app on your phone?

Not sure what “local content” means? But, I’m playing content from my core library (on desktop), in the ARC app as I would expect the mobile experience to work, via the data connection to my iPhone.

The app crashed and I just submitted the report to “the developer” with my email address.

Upon re-boot, things are continuing to work as described above.

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Just took a walk around the block - @connor

  • Roon ARC setting in desktop/core still says “Not Ready”

From the Roon ARC app, on my iPhone (with wifi on phone turned off)

  • Played tracks in my core/only on my laptop
  • Played streaming tracks from TIDAL
  • Played tracks from my Roon desktop playlists
  • They all say “low quality”, but sound great; see pic below for low quality

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I’m done for today. I’ll check back with you tomorrow. THIS IS GREAT!

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@connor One follow up, if I close my Roon core/sleep my laptop the Roon ARC app will not connect via my cell/data connection.

  • Is it such that the intended mobile experinece on the Roon ARC app requires my laptop/core to be connected to the internet and the Roon desktop app. to be open?

  • Will I need some other core option (device), if I don’t want to leave my laptop/core on/connected with Roon desktop app. open, when wanting to use the Roon ARC mobile app.?

Adjusting the Roon ARC app. settings to “Cellular/Original Format” plays lossless!

Hi @Joshua_Nelson,

Thank you for the continued updates here, I’m back online to support and I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve got ARC up and running! It’s possible that the Spectrum settings took a few hours to take effect; it’s also likely that the Core connectivity banner is displaying incorrect information.

A few notes in response to your posts last night:

  • It appears you’ve encountered some new, rare, and (in this case) misleading errors regarding Core connectivity that developers have just identified in a ticket. If you’ve been able to stream local content (library tracks) as well as Tidal from ARC, then you are assuredly synced with your Core. This is wonderful news.

The transcoding and signal path might not be correct here. We’re sorting out some issues around how this information is displayed under different conditions. For now, I’m thrilled to hear that you’re able to stream content. I expect that we’ll have these issues sorted up shortly and a cleaner release will be out to test soon.

It’s true - your Core will need to remain online for ARC to work on cellular data. Just like with Roon Remotes, the Core is responsible for your DSP, library management, transcoding, processing, etc.

Obviously, for users with all-in-one Cores (not headless servers or stand-alone units), this is a bit more of a commitment. We’re trying to anticipate the frustrating scenarios where energy settings or power outages back home could endanger a listening experience on-the-go. For now, tweaking your energy/battery settings so your Core can stay online as long as possible is what I would recommend.

Please share any thoughts, questions, concerns, or exclamations, and we’ll be here to intake and support!

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@connor really appreciate your time in response(s); I’m sure you have many “Josh’s” with their own sets of items to sort/debug.

Ok, all is clear for now. At minimum (and maximum, really, lol) I have the Roon mobile experience, which is GREAT! And it sounds like some of the issues we’ve been going over will clear with future releases etc.

Since I’m planning on utilizing this new ARC mobile capability long-term from my core build-out (playlists, library structure etc) what is a low-cost, always-on, alternative to my laptop - to house my core? I’m not a high-buck Nucleus/or other dedicated hardware candidate.

Just want a simple, synced home/mobile solution that streams to one home endpoint - my Sonos Arc 5.1.2 system, and provides the same build-out for mobile use.

Make sense; any suggestions?

Oh, and most importantly, regardless of what Roon ARC settings say - mobile streaming continues to work as expected this morning. KUDOS to the Roon dev effort on this. :sparkling_heart:

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Hey @Joshua_Nelson,

Super pleased to hear that it’s up and running! We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts as you continue to try it out, and keep an eye out for new test versions released through TestFlight (the app you used to install ARC).

As for a more permanent Core setup, you could invest in any small computer (like an older Mac Mini) and it would do the trick, provided it meets the minimum processing/RAM specifications for running a Roon Core. I’d recommend asking this type of question in the #audio-gear-talk category, as I know for a fact our user base has dozens of good recommendations (and strong opinions!).

Here to answer any questions as they come up!

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@connor, will do on both your points.

Taking Roon ARC (boy the “ARC” acronym/audio-return-channel, is getting crowded; Sonos Arc, Roon ARC, eARC…) on the road in my car this morning; so pleased too, now, not have to replicate all my Roon playlists in TIDAL, and have my legacy file library available for mobile (YT and/or AMZN music has my library available for mobile, BUT, they can’t give me the discography of who produced “What’s Going On”, or tell me about Sir James Jamerson with clickable links etc.)

Roon is now my core library/architecture/app/streamer/artist informer for home/mobile, and I’ll be happily renewing my annual in April or whenever my sub lapses!

LOVE THIS! (mobile Roon)

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@connor this will be my last for this thread.

Just drove 10 miles from my core, two 15 minutes trips (there and back); while there were 3-4 momentary dropouts; the Roon ARC behaved as expected and sounded great!, even on “low quality”. :sparkling_heart:

  • I have the PLAYBACK: “Automatically pick best quality” setting toggle enacted (that picks “low quality”)
  • I’ll play around with CELLULAR: Original format; CD quality etc. settings

Desktop “Roon ARC” setting’s tab remains at “Not Ready etc”. The diagnostics data tab does not fill in anything.

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Hi @Joshua_Nelson,

Great feedback. We’re putting a lot of work into playback stability right now, so I anticipate that the dropouts should become less frequent in the coming days and weeks.

Please keep us posted if this changes at any point (feel free to PM or start a new topic in #arc-testing if this thread is closed). In the meantime, we’ll be investigating the UI around Core connectivity and use this information in the ticket.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to “freeze” this thread once it auto-closes in two days and move it over to #arc-testing:port-forwarding-troubleshooting as a guide to other testers with your ISP and router moving forward. I’ll add some brief editorial notes to help clarify steps which might not be necessary.

@connor sounds good on auto-freezing this thread; starting a new one, if necessary; whatever process works best for your team! Certainly, your editorial annotations will be most instructive as a guide for those to come with Spectrum routers et al., lol!

One last item of feedback…

  • After using the Roon ARC app., mobile-ly, away from my core and upon returning home…
  • When I wake my laptop/core device (the display, as the hard disk is set to not sleep)
  • Roon WIN10 desktop app starts play a track, that was dialed up in the desktop app., not ARC
  • It’s done this both times I’ve used Roon ARC in a mobile capacity, away from my core device

Thanks, again, for all your support, my good Roon Labs Sirs’! @connor @Rugby @DaveN


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If you mean that Roon starts playing by itself, when previously it was paused, that is a bit weird. But if you mean that the track that’s displayed at the bottom of the screen (on your laptop) is the same as it was before you used ARC, this is expected behaviour. The Roon app indicates the last zone you were playing, but only within your LAN (i.e. local devices, not ARC).

-yes this is the core point

-yes this is also the case

OK, so the latter is to be expected, but the former - assuming that you core/laptop wasn’t playing music when you shut the lid - does warrant further investigation.

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Sounds good to, to confirm I was not playing music. This phenom did not happen the last time I used Roon ARC and then came back to my laptop. It’s now happened 2/3 times I’ve used rArc mobile.

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Hey @Joshua_Nelson,

We’ll take a look at your Core logs as this is highly unusual behavior. Roon ARC doesn’t function like a Roon Remote; the app shouldn’t have been able to influence playback on a Zone which was already playing in Roon.

Since I’m about to crystalize this into a Wiki in the #arc-testing:port-forwarding-solved section, I’ll follow up in a new thread with @Joshua_Nelson when we find a clue in logs.