Spinning wheel "applying library changes" ... what to do?

Some “good practice” questions.

As soon 1.3 (build 193) released (thursday night) i’ve updated my setup (Roon headless on WIN10) => OK, no database problems, 1.3 running fine.

  • Audio Analysis is still running on my library (actually 50.000/70.000 tracks analysed, long process …)

  • Today I’'ve changed library settings to use Genres from my files: Settings > Library > Import Settings > Use genre extracted from my files (Yes) Roon is applying library changes and seems a very long process too (spinning wheel since 8H).

  • Is it safe to stop ROON core during audio analysis and library changes application ?
  • Is it safe to update ROON to 196 version now ?
    Or better be patient and wait for analysis and database operation to finish ?

Thank you

If the database is writing new changes following a setting change then I would let that finish.

Maybe pause the audio analysis whilst this is running so it could finish quicker.

You can interrupt audio analysis with start/stop/updates etc. It resume when you restart (or manually restart the analysis if you turned it off)

Thank you @ncpl
If is it possible to stop the audio analysis and then restart it without loosing already analysed data it is the best way.

Yes…that is not problem. Stop analysis and restart later e.g. Leave it running over night etc when you are not using the system or doing changes.

Perfect, i’ve just stopped Audio Analysis and “Applying library settings” progress bar seems to move faster :slight_smile: