Spinning wheel with' adding music to library'

I have the spinning wheel that says ‘adding music to library’ . i have an Apple iMac.how do i get it to stop.?.i think it is keeping me from looking up albums…Help…I did read the post that deals with the problem but it did not help…Dave Smith.

Same here. I think the reason is:

Error in web request https://metadata5.sooloos.com/md/4/updatemetadata?uid=… : NetworkError (Aborted.)
[metadatasvc] FAIL https://metadata5.sooloos.com/md/4/updatemetadata?uid=… (30013ms) NetworkError
[updatemetadata] neterror in updatemetadata: Result[Status=NetworkError, ErrorText=Aborted.]

[identification] <164143> Identifying album [???] with 11 tracks
[identification] <164143> identifier request id: f465f142
[identification] <164143> status: NetworkFailure
[identification] requeueing album that failed due to network (identifyalbum)

The the identification queue stopped processing two days ago.

I had the same. I suggest you restart all instances of Roon/RoonServer. I think the metadata server just moved and my set-up for one had the old one cached and lost contact as a result. A restart fixed it. (Thanks @joel)

I restarted the Server multiple times.
I also uninstalled and reinstalled the server after backing up the database.
There was unfortunately no change.

Is it possible to change this in a settings file?

@Stephan_Groth I’ve replied to you in your other thread.