Splash screen quotes not readable - Configurable display time please? [Closed - No longer implement]


More often than not, the splash screen quotes vanish before I can read them.

I understand the splash screen oughtn’t be there more time than needed. But it’s frustrating not being able to read the whole sentence and not finding it anywhere else.

I don’t have a suggestion for solving this one, though :smile: but decided to report the problem anyway.



I like the quote on starting Roon. It disappears too quickly however! Some quotes disappear before I can read them. This would be OK if Roon was then loaded, but it isn’t! I’m left with the bubbling Roon logo for a few seconds before Roon loads.

Why not have the quote remain until Roon loads?

I’d like the quote to hang around for longer, too, but unlike @extracampine, on my system once the quote goes away Roon loads pretty much instantly. (I’m sure this depends on the system, the size of one’s library, etc.)

I guess this shows it’s not so simple to time how long the quote hangs around. I’d still like time to be able to read them, though.


Absolutely true. The quotes are a great idea but no point in having them if you can’t read the entire quote.

I always enjoyed the series of quotes at the beginning of the film (movie) Subway:

“To be is to do - Socrates

To do is to be - Sartre

Do Be Do Be Do - Sinatra”

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I’d love to see more quotes – I think I’ve already seen all there are – several times. Maybe we can crowd-source some additional quotes & the Roon guys can dump them into the quote-hopper for future builds? Would be nice to enhance this minor feature while Roon is frying bigger fish. We could submit w/an internet link for attribution/verification…

For instance:

"I can’t write songs unless I am in love" – Kevin Ayers


"I’d like to do a song or a piece of music that’s just a pure expression of joy, a celebration of existence. Like the coming of spring or the sun rising, just pure unbounded joy. I don’t think we’ve really done that yet." – Jim Morrison


our quotes db is actually the first thing we did in our user-generated-content system, which is not ready for public release :frowning:

Is that a “no” Danny? I think having the ability of the Roon community to add to the quotes database (with some degree of screening) would be great.

I read it as meaning it was a priority until other priorities displaced it. I expect there are a lot of fires to put out in the first few months following release. Looking forward to the slow and steady accumulation of data from users into this well thought out database; its all about the long game.


@extracampine: @andybob is 100% correct in his assessment.

@danny Just a quick note to say that the quotes don’t appear on the Android (and iPad?) apps at all.

in the meantime, it only disturbs me every time i start roon. And it disturbs me that the devs dont want to remove it, or any answer would be better as no reaction. So from that point im disappointet from roon, that they dont want to change here something or even dont want to give answer. I mean come on! Its only a checkbox to implement in the settings that i can switch it off the message of the day…

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I think danny gave an answer of sorts above - sounds like addressing this issue is on the cards.

Reviving this old feature request. I’d love to see a user generated quotes database. If a format can be prescribed for a particular online directory and users can add quotes (editable by mods etc.) then I think that would be the bees knees.

Also I’m not too keen on the little grey splash screen independently of the main Roon screen. Do people like it or would you prefer a screen sized splash screen ?

I don’t care very much, however, on my screen if a quote is more than one line the top half of each line of text is cut off. has been that way for years actually.

I’m with Daniel, I don’t care very much about the feature at all. However, I think it would definitely begin to irritate me if the splash screen filled the whole screen. A simple small splash screen with just “Roon” displayed would be sufficient for me…


Also irritated as the splash screen disappears too fast.

May be just publish the whole list of quotes?

Anyone who wants to look them over can do so at their leisure. Then when they flash up on screen their disappearance too quickly is less of a problem, as one is already familiar with the quotation.

As a 100 euro per year service i expect a simple trigger to switch quotes on (with a reasonable timme to read then) /off. Please implement or get rid of it if to complicated, thanks.

I was neutral on this feature until recently when a quote from Tom Petty appeared. Could have done without it under the circumstances. So at the very least I would like an on/off switch in the settings please.

Hi … this topic has dies and it really could use attention - in my opinion. The roon quotes are great but vanish way too soon. Whether it be an adjustable timer, longer, or a way to find the startup quote I would be happy. I really wnat ot be able to read the whole quote.