Split second stutter using WiiM Mini after switching to ROCK

Roon Server Machine

ROCK on Intel NUC Mini PC NUC8i3BEH1 PC i3-8109U | 8GB Ram | 240GB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roon ROCK is hardwired from Deco Mesh main router through TP-Link Gigabit Switch
WiiM Mini endpoint is using WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

WiiM Mini to Schiit Modi DAC to JDS Labs Atom AMP+ to Presonus sub to Presonus desktop monitors

Number of Tracks in Library

less than 100

Description of Issue

Momentary skip/stutter during playback. Never noticed prior to switching to ROCK. Hardwired Pi has no issues.

Hi @Sean_dB

If you’re using the WiiM Mini then you will be using Airplay with Roon.

Would you be able to take a screenshot of your signal path? As this could show a possible cause.

Before Rock, what were you using?

I was using a ASUS AMD Mini PC before ROCK and have used a Mac Mini in the past.

Signal Path below…

here’s another snap…

Your Processing speed, while well above the 1x threshold in your screenshots, still is unusually low for the NUC8i3 on routine operations. That could indicate something amiss.


As the WiiM Mini is only capable of 16/44.1 via AirPlay I would limit Tidal streams to 16/44.1 (HiFi) in the Services tab > Tidal > Streaming Quality.

The downsampling might be the issue and over WiFi could hinder things further.

I agree with @WiWavelength , whilst the process speeds are above x1, they do seem lower than I’d expect.

Try setting Tidal to HiFi and see if you notice a difference in playback stability and if you’re happy with the SQ.

actually seems more frequent and more apparent (more sustained stutter) since switching to HiFi

Hi @Sean_dB ,

Thanks for your message.

Can you please let us know the exact local time + date + track when you notice this issue next? Once we have this information, we will enable diagnostics mode for your account and look over logs for any clues.

Was the other Roon Server connected via Ethernet to the same TP-Link switch? Are you able to confirm if another PC doesn’t have this issue when connecting it in the same way as ROCK? You can switch Roon Servers as many times as you want without affecting the database, but you can only have one active Roon Server at a time.

Where is the WiiM connected to, the main router or one of the Access Points? Can you try to disconnect the additional access points and see if it still fails when it is only connecting to the primary router?

Thanks for the tips. Via the Deco app, I have disabled Mesh for Wiim Mini, made it “high priority”, and set the Connection Preference to the main router. Will post again with an update after letting it ride for a bit.

Hi @noris - Just had some pretty intense stuttering at 11:03am CT while playing Jon Batiste’s “Butterfly” around the 0:25 mark. Hope this helps! Thanks for your help!!!

crazy stuttering and intermittent silence towards the end of Julien Marchal’s Insight XIV at 1:24pm CT today

replayed the track and same thing started happening at 1:00 mark through about 1:35 and intermittently through the rest of the song

Hey @Sean_dB,

Thanks for the follow up! We were able to review a fresh diagnostic report and found reoccurring airplay packet loss during playback, which is likely causing your stuttering issue.

We’re not able to see specifically what’s causing eh packet loss, but it typically points to network-related bandwidth issues.

With regard to assigning network priority within your LAN, are you able to select the WiiM Mini specifically, along with your ROCK?