Splitting my music collection

Ok, I’ll confess, I am a digital pack rat.

Which means I have two sets of music (in two seperate storage locations):

  • Core
  • Extended

The core part I listen to regularly and generally represents my taste.
The extended part is music I’ve collected but am not particularly partial to. However I still keep it for visitors or an occasional mood swing :).

I know I can create bookmarks, but this gets lost in discover and radio, which I really want to focus on my core collection part. And it is a hassle to always start with a bookmark.

Of course I can use the storage settings to turn of ’ extended’ unless I want to go wider, but that is not very elegant.
Liking my entire core collection also doesn’t seem the way to go either.
And ideally my Tidal favourites mix with my own core collection of course.

Is there a smart way to do this already or a feature that can be created that makes this intuitive?
I can’t be the only digital pack rat…

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Assuming these are 2 folders and you have set them to be watched independently then you could just use focus by location.

Then you could set your core folder to display most of the time, then add the extended when you need. Bookmark that focus if needed.

Have you tried that option ?

I did, but that is not really working.
First of all I need multiple bookmarks, one for albums, one for artists, etc.
It would not apply to the overview page drilldowns, not in discover, etc.

Maybe just disabling the store you don’t want is actually the most elegant way here. Anything else is going to be more complex and less elegant. The enable/disable function was really designed for this type of scenario.

That is indeed what i currently do. But it lacks a certain elegance :smile:

Are you looking for something like a drop down box from the overview menu that allows you to toggle on your sources e.g. Folder A , Folder B, Tidal ?

Wasn’t really sure how to solution it, but your suggestion could be quite elegant I think, yes, assuming it would apply to all the areas. Like an easy global switch, not hidden in the settings.