Spotify Connect is a brilliant idea

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Right. But so is Spotify. Spotify Connect is a brilliant idea and I cannot understand why Apple would not implement it. When Airplay 2 came out, I thought that was part of the implementation.

The only reason I can think of that would make Apple reticent to have such a method is multi-room playback: Airplay 2 can multi-room to any set of speakers of any brand combinations. Spotify Connect cannot do that in the general case - works with Sonos but there’s a fair amount of meshing happening on the Sonos side.


Dunno, but that’s all unrelated to Roon

Spotify Connect has one major drawback - it works over the internet, not the local network. This scenario happened to us - people housesitting for a week were using Spotify on our hi-fi (Hegel amp has Spotify Connect). Couple of days later, I’m sitting in the house, amp is on but not playing music. All of a sudden music blasts out the speakers, and volume ramps up to max. Fortunately managed to turn volume down - happens again, so switched it off. Fortunately no speaker damage. This is housesitter trying to use Spotify at their house, which is looking to play on last used device - our amp. The only solution is for the account holder to log out of all devices on their account homepage. This is a well-known issue that Spotify refuses to do anything about. Not cool.


Yeah i have had this happen too. Scared the â– â– â– â–  out of me.

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Ditched my Spotify sub the very next day. Not paying for something so poorly implemented.

Spotify killed the speakers of one guy on the Naim forum with that. My hifi dealer has long banned Spotify because it’s uncontrollable. The Spotify guys think it’s a feature because users can control their Spotify even if they are too dumb to log into the right network :man_shrugging:


So does Roon. If your internet goes down so will Roon eventually. And frankly, although I have terabytes of local music, when it comes to Apple Music, I basically stream.

My only means of playing local files currently, when the internet is down, is via UPnP/dCS Mosaic.

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So does Roon what? The Spotify complaints in previous posts were about the fact that the Spotify app can control a Spotify device from any network, if it was ever connected to this device. It doesn’t have to be on the same network. And so can everyone else who ever had their Spotify app connected to your device.

Isn’t that assuming you are on someone else’s WiFi network? I could be wrong. So you would need their WiFi password ?

Of course you need to be on some network, but it doesn’t matter which one. It works over the Internet across Spotify’s servers. So if, say, some friend visits and is on your wifi and then connects their Spotify app to your Spotify device, they can still control it after they are back home or in any other network.

My dealer had their players do random things because customers wanted to use their own Spotify app with their own playlists and so on, so logged into the store’s customer wifi and connected to the players. But then that connection remained forever after they left.


This is exactly the source of the problem, and exactly what Spotify refuses to deal with.

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Wouldn’t that assume they can control the volume of someone else’s amp or receiver ? When I was over at my daughters I couldn’t control the volume.

That was what happened in my case - volume kept increasing to max because Spotify user couldn’t hear anything on their phone so kept turning volume up and down. Guess it depends how volume control is set up on devices.

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Roon stops working when there’s no internet. Even with local files.

Yes everyone knows, but that was not what were were talking about :slight_smile:

I love Spotify Connect:

(Apple Shortcut playing a shuffled 8000+ track Baroque playlist at the correct volume on my KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers each morning – activated via an Apple Watch complication or with my phone by tapping the NFC tag conveniently stuck to the coffee machine… ;-)).

You can turn it off in app so it will only play to devices on local network. I make sure I set this on their devices before they use my systems at all. Doesn’t stop them turning it on but it’s not needed for regular playback nor do they know where to look for it usually.

Right, but this is an app/account setting. If someone else plays to my Spotify Connect speaker via their account, they would have had to turn “only local” on their app, no?

Yes which is what I said. I get their device and set it so it can’t. Or they don’t get to play anything.

Someone seems to think that if you connect play afterwards it logs out that user from accessing it. Maybe worth trying.

Tbh I get anyone at my house to use Roon so I can veto them if and when I want to.

Yeah but the setting is in their app. It would seem reasonable to be able to control this for my player and kick out access for other app instances / restrict it to local LAN, but Spotify doesn’t want that.

Of course, if one is aware of the thing, one can do it like @Simon_Arnold3 and change the setting on their device, but clearly not everyone is aware or in certain settings it might not be feasible