Spotify integration / update on this?

why there is no intent/initiative to integrate Spotify even user accepts the lower streaming quality?

there is no better discovery alg so far… so why there is no action regarding the integration or is it some policy issue?

Please look through the forum; there has been plenty of discussion about this. Bottom line, Spotify aren’t interested in an integration with Roon.

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@Geoff_Coupe i thought they expose some API so it can be integrated even w/out their cooperation.
they plan hd stream… so its weird… that there is no such interest.

If you read the discussion, you would have read that API access is not sufficient for what Roon Labs require for a seamless integration of a streaming service into Roon. It takes two to tango, and Spotify are not interested in dancing with Roon Labs.

sometimes not everything is a seamless :slight_smile:

Watch last 8 minutes of this. Straight from Roon owner/executive.


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