Spring is heating up 🌡

Lovely evening for working in the park…

See you all very soon! :wink:


Now that’s a teaser :smirk:

Cruel. Really cruel

Heh heh, love it :blush:

How long time can it take to write those notes?

Man giggling manically to self arrested in park


Munich = 10-May-2018

Munich - TODAY() = 8 days? :man_shrugging:




Nice park.

That was my first thought as well :grin:

I do like Spring. Flowers are out :slight_smile:

Shame to clog up the pics with computer screens :wink:


As we all know, writing release notes is a careful and iterative process that takes time to reach full maturity. Not to mention that before release, said notes are to be duly tested and validated by QA. I’d say by the time of writing, they have not even reached alpha stage.

But yes, the park looks quite beautiful.


Prospect Park?

T.S. Eliot was wrong (by one day) when he said April was the cruellest month of the year!

OK, it’s 1.5 and not 2.0, so what can we glean from that clue?

My guess is not a major UI redesign, then. I think MQA decoding could still make sense in a 1.5.

I’d love to see some upgraded tag and query functionality…

Where is that? Doesn’t look like that out of my window!

Switzerland. On a walk about 15mins from where we are. It has its ups and downs. High cost of living and bureaucracy, but there are upsides :slight_smile:

I try to do an hour a day of walking during the week. A portable drone is my real want at the moment, take it out hiking and get some great footage. Sorry, digressing wildy. PS… My avatar pic is one of my snaps also taken up the road “on the route”.

My dear old Mum was Swiss, that pic reminded me of Ringenburg where she used to live as a child. Thanks for that.

I remember my first train ride through Switzerland (it was Amsterdam -> Florence) and it was the first time I was ever tempted just to jump off the train and walk around to check things out. Just beautiful!

I imagine that is a great backdrop for music…

Hmmm, yes james. Bliss, we’re fortunate to have nothing for about 300m in front of our place, so I put the speakers in the front, on stands and enjoy the fun, barbecues and beers and boogie!