Spring is heating up 🌡

My dear old Mum was Swiss, that pic reminded me of Ringenburg where she used to live as a child. Thanks for that.

I remember my first train ride through Switzerland (it was Amsterdam -> Florence) and it was the first time I was ever tempted just to jump off the train and walk around to check things out. Just beautiful!

I imagine that is a great backdrop for music…

Hmmm, yes james. Bliss, we’re fortunate to have nothing for about 300m in front of our place, so I put the speakers in the front, on stands and enjoy the fun, barbecues and beers and boogie!

Ringgenberg? Near interlaken? We went to Interlaken only last week. About an hrs drive :slight_smile:

Sorry really hijacked the thread.

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You did, but the thread really has no other purpose but to tease us anyway!


I live near both Switzerland and SE France. Can go shopping in Strasbourg. Nice part of the world.

What this has to do with Mike’s tease is anybody’s guess.


That’s the one. It’s beautiful there.

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that’s the ticket! Strictly speaking it was just a general thread about Spring loveliness :slight_smile:

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We in Chicago are jealous. Spring started here yesterday – we had a small blizzard here just a few days ago and yesterday it finally got above 50 (F). So now it’s 85. We jumped from February to July!

I got a drone. I went down to the park to try it out.

It doesn’t like to stand in grass because the camera hangs down, and I hadn’t brought my take-off pad. I found a good sized stump, a meter high, to put it on. But then I did something wrong with the settings (guys don’t read instructions), so it didn’t obey commands from the remote control. I found a button on the iPhone screen labeled Take Off with an up arrow, so I pushed that, and it went straight up six meters, and stood there, whirring, still not obeying any commands. I saw the Take Off up-arrow button had changed to Land with a down-arrow, so I pushed that and it started going down. This thing has vision in all directions so it can avoid accidents, and looking down it didn’t like the stump, so it stopped and said Not suitable for landing, and stood there, three meters up, whirring sulkily.

I clambered up on the stump and stood on tiptoe and managed to reach it. It has four sharp propellers on top, so I picked it gingerly around the belly, the same way you pick up a live lobster to avoid being nipped. But when I pulled downward it got REALLY ANGRY, whirred loudly and used all its strength to resist going down. I’m bigger so I overpowered it, but then I was standing on a stump with a very loudly whirring drone that I couldn’t put down because it would fly up again.

I managed to take the battery out.

Then I went home and read the instructions.



Yes that’d be me, I’ll be scrabbling around online for a proper manual no doubt after landing it in the river a few times :slight_smile:

That’s brilliant

@mike so 1.5 is not the 1st of May that’s been and gone… :wink: so we all know where this is going, but what’s in store? Must be a significant jump for a point version if history is anything to go on…can’t wait :smiley:

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ha doch denkt das isch de schwiiz :wink:

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It smells like MQA to me!

The anticipation is more fun than the gift

I can’t see a major U.I. Redesign until the end of this year or more likely next year. Most definitely MQA in this release.

Sorry to keep everyone waiting… Roon 1.5 is now live!