SQ really bad after upgrading to Windows 10 [Artifacts]

Right now I do not have a dedicated computer to run Roon, Was using windows 7 and SQ was good and the playback quite smooth, after updating to windows 10 there are cracks and pops every time I use Roon.
I use a Dell XPS 8500 with I5, Gb of ram connected via USB to a Cambridge Stream Magic 6.

Have you got an idea what would be causing it and how to solve it.

Thanks in advance

Luiz Cocozza

I would check the drivers first–especially if you upgraded from windows 7 and kept the same ones. Maybe Cambridge has released a newer version?

Drivers are updated.

I use Windows 10, Dell Precision 4600 and roon works as good (if not better) as when I was using Windows 8.1

Hi Luiz,
Are you hearing the same artifacts through other players or just Roon ?

Hi Andy,

Not really it was only with Roon.

A bit better now after a good Registry cleaning, not sure if there is any connection.

Hello @Lcocozza, If you still have issues, it is worth to start from driver re-install, since the update to win10 isn’t always going smooth.