Square interested in buying music-streaming service Tidal from Jay-Z: report

The plot thickens…

Did you guys see the news report Square ( The credit card processing co by Jack Dorsey) is looking into buying Tidal? If it’s true, my suspicion would be the live/programmed entertainment arm would be real target for cross promotion.

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Does Sprint still have a large stake in Tidal?


There is talk about this over at SHF, so I will just post what I posted there:

Even though I don’t use Tidal, I certainly want it to do well and thrive. I am a Qobuz subscriber and prefer it to Tidal, but I want a healthy market instead of three players calling all the shots. If they sell, I hope it is a positive. I would be crushed if I lost Qobuz. It is the only way for me to try before I buy my downloads. I feel for Tidal subscribers who are really into the service. And with Roon only integrating two streaming services, losing one of them would not be good for Roon… and I only want good things for Roon.

Square is huge into Bitcoin with its Cash App (recommended).

There are new crypto related music services, such as this:

I could see Square wanting to do something with Bitcoin (more with a transaction layer like Lightning) to have a crypto micro payment service. Square is into payments. They would use the Tidal licenses as a body of content to promote micro-payment transactions through the Square network.

No inside knowledge, just connecting some dots.

It’s happened!

It has indeed. See this thread

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