Squeezbox Touch artwork size


Wondering if anyone else who uses a Touch is experiencing this. When I select cover art only display setting on the Touch, while streaming from Roon, the artwork displays too large. Is there some way possibly to have the Squeezebox component scale the artwork to the native resolution of the Touch’s screen? Or is there something I need to do on the Touch side possibly?


Yep, same here. Roon seems to fit the cover art to the horizontal resolution of the Squeezebox Touch. However, the display is rectangular and most cover art is square.
Edit: the result is that a part of the top and of the bottom of the image are not displayed. This works reasonably well for most albums but not for all.

A picture says it all.
BTW, this is Roon 1.3 build 200 and Touch FW 7.8.0 r16754

Yup…that’s what I get. When I was using the LMS I didn’t have this issue, so I think there must be a way to manipulate the artwork when streaming.

Same issue for me too.