Squeezebox Boom Display Settings don't seem to do anything[Ticket In]

(Gordon Cameron) #1

Great that my old SB Radios and Booms are supported. The Boom audio setup page accessed via roon gives the impression that display settings can be altered, but that page seems to make no difference when settings are applied. Did this work or is it a regression ? Thanks so much!

(also - I need to keep a remote around just to power it off as otherwise the playing track just persists indefinitely, and the unit power button does nothing when in roon mode – switching into mysqueezebox - + key - it works normally)


Hi, @Gordon_Cameron, thanks for you report! I can reproduce the thing that Display settings cannot be changed via Roon interface, and I put a ticket for our dev team, I hope that they will fix them.

As for the second question, we display standby screen when the Queue is empty (no upcoming tracks) and the playback of the following track has finished.

Sorry for the inconveniences!


(Gordon Cameron) #6

Thanks so much for the response, and for taking a look into display issue, much appreciated!


As another data point, I’ll add that the display settings also do nothing on my Transporter. E.g., I prefer the Analog VU Meters visualizer, but it always used the frequency spectrum visualizer. It also always uses the Roon logo for sleep mode, despite having “Clock” selected.


(Nat) #8

@support What is the status of this fix? I have a Squeezebox 3 and I cannot change my display settings at all through roon either.

I am running roon 1.5 build 363 on windows 10 pro 64bit

Another note is that even when I use my remote to cycle through the display modes, there is always text (artist/trackname) superimposed over all backgrounds. I specifically want to display the spectrum analyzer with no text overlay at all, which seems to be an option in the roon settings interface, but non-functional even when selecting via the squeezebox remote.


(Noris) #11

Hello Nathaniel,

I took a look at our internal tracker today, and I can see that this ticket is still in our development queue. This means our developers are still planning to look at this, but we don’t yet have a timeframe for when that’s going to happen.

Once the ticket has been scheduled and work begins, I’ll have a better sense of timing here. Thanks in advance for your patience!


(Mark Newman) #12

Hi Noris @support ,

I have a Transporter and SB3’s and started a trial of Roon a couple of days ago. I too have found the the Roon configuration options for displays (e.g. VU meters) has no effect, and the display stays locked on the default spectrum analyser.

To help me decide on purchasing Roon, do you have any idea yet when this will be fixed?..!



(Noris) #13

Hello @Mark_Newman,

This ticket is still in the backlog but we will try to get to it in a future release although I cannot comment on a specific timeline.

– Noris

(Mark Newman) #14

Thanks @noris