Squeezebox not connected

@support .Roon does not find my Squeezebox classic. I did enable Squeezebox support. I did a reset on my Squeezebox classic. But what do I do with the connection of my Squeezebox after the reset? Do I connect on mysqueeze.com? Please try to be very precise in your answer. I am on Windows 10. Thank you

Hello @Rego

Do you have Logitech Media Server running on your network? You must disable any instances of LMS on your network for Roon functionality to work.

Here are some more setup tips on our KnowledgeBase



What do I write for IP address of server on my Squeezbox classic?

Same problem as Rene, except I run a Squeezebox Touch. Running Win 10 64. “Squeezebox Support” is enabled. I disabled LMS and then power-cycled the Squeezebox. The Squeezebox still does not appear as a networked device on the Audio tab. (No networked devices appear.)

Any way to diagnose my configuration to find the point where things are failing?


@support john I disabled all LMS.

Hello @Rego & @Leonard_Berk,

On the Squeezebox, you should enter the IP address of the computer you are running your Roon Core on. Here are instructions on how to find your IP address on Windows 10.



@support Good news and bad news. Good news : OK, now Squeezebox is connected to Core.
Bad news : but it cannot be grouped because of this information in the support page :slight_smile:

ones can only be grouped with other zones of the same type, meaning Squeezebox zones cannot be grouped with RAAT zones, Meridian zones can’t be grouped with Airplay zones, etc.

But that creates a big problem : how to synchronise all the zones?

There must be an alternative way to play all the same music at the same time. Like to launch the same song at the same time? What do you suggest to do?

Hello @Rego,

Glad to hear you were able to get your Squeezebox working!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a grouped playback zone with devices using different protocols. It is possible to create grouped zones with devices that use the same protocol, such as Roon Ready/RAAT, Airplay, or Sonos to name a few.


@support Thank you. But I would like to ask you again this question : how to synchronise all the zones? There must be an alternative way to play all the same music at the same time. Like to launch the same song at the same time? What do you suggest to do?

That would not work because even if you could start them simultaneously over time each Zone would drift due to the clock tolerances of the Audio Endpoints.

Roon can manage this driff and compensate for it … but only across devices using the same streaming protocol.

If it is really important to have all your Zones playing the same music… you would have to change your Audio Endpoints so they all use the same protocol… eg RAAT.

Incidentally how many zones do you have and what devices are they compromised off?

Thank you for your answer. The zone with Squeezebox goes to the kitchen and the only other zone goes to the living room and dining room and study.

Roon is still not connecting to my Squeezebox Touch.

(1) Roon Core is running on Win10 64bit (version 10.0.17134.112). Both the Squeezebox and the computer are attached by wire to the network. (2) I stopped LMS and then rebooted the Squeezebox. (3) On the Squeezebox I found the Server had already been assigned the correct IP address of the computer. Roon did not see the Squeezebox. (4) To make sure I manually assigned the IP address of the computer to a new “Library” and asked Squeezebox to switch to that Library. Roon still did not see the Squeezebox.

Question A: What am I missing?
Question B: Can I not just tell Roon the IP address of the Squeezebox?


I’m in! It’s running!!

What I was missing were the Windows Defender (Firewall) settings. Had to go to Windows Defender->Advanced Settings->Incoming Rules->Roon.exe. There I found two of the four settings for Roon displayed a “Blocked” icon (red circle with a stroke through it). This is the Windows default after Roon 64 installation. (Roon installation should handle this for the user.) To change the policy to “Allow the connection” you have to right-click on the Blocked icon and choose “Properties” from the popup menu. As soon as I changed the policy Roon saw the Squeezebox.


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