SSD Not Recognized

Roon Core Machine

New Nucleus Plus+ 1.8 build 970
Roon OS 1.0 (build 227)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

HP Switches (more than 1)

Connected Audio Devices

CH Precision C1 - networked

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

New to Nucleus+. I currently have my music on a NAS. Bought a Nucleus+ and SSD to move my music to it. I’ve initialized and formatted the SSD in windows. I’ve even copied a couple songs to the drive and listened to them. I did this by connecting a USB to SATA cable.
When I move the drive to the Nucleus+ and boot up, I do not see the “Internal Music Storage” section in the “Nucleus Web Administration Interface”.

The drive internal to the Nucleus must by formatted by the Roon os/software. Go to the web ui and take a look, you should have a button to format the drive.

Thanks for the replay. I understand that it has to be formatted by Roon OS, however, in the Nucleus Web Administration Interface, I do not see a button to format the drive.

The screenshot you shared is the main menu for the Roon application, not the Web Administration Interface for the Nucleus. Take a look at this Knowledge Base article for further details.

That isn’t web administration.
You will find your Nucleus IP address in settings on that menu. Put the IP address in to a web browser and that gives you the administration page. You should see the status of the SSD from there and be able to rectify your situation.

Here is an example of the web ui.

Notice the Internal Music Storage section with the Format Button.

Once the drive is formatted you will see the size and percentage available information listed.

That did it. Figured I was doing something silly. Thank you

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