SSD technology outpacing HDD

This is data Centre stuff at the moment but the future’s bright for portable music and quiet music servers.


Considering we haven’t vanquished tape yet, I think HDDs are going to be around for a while.

Speaking about tape, the LTO standard is still evolving. According to the roadmap on their side, LTO-14 will store up to 1.44PB (1440TB) per cartridge (compressed).


Not so much the demise of the HDD, it’s just a rubbish carrier for portable music. I don’t like them for music servers either, they’re noisy. SSDs that can hold large collections have got to be a good thing. Tape’s great as an archive of last resort…

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Ultimately, I’d like to swap out my NAS’ 12 x 4TB HDDs for SSDs. Availability of enterprise class SSDs at the moment is zip, zero, nada. This looks like a promising new entry to the marketplace.


A noticeable change in computers is many now come with SSD’s.