Startup / Reboot of NUC takes up to 5 minutes

A NUC draws like 6 Watts on idle. Rescanning the library most likely draws a lot more, so will probably negate at least a part of any savings

I started to monitor my power consumption and my NUC (with Linear Power Supply) + Fiber convertor takes idle 35 Watt so about 300 kW for 365 days when on average I use the system about 1 hr per day… By the way, (off topic) my whole (critical) audio chain is running on fiber to eliminate any high frequency pollution (conducted by copper wiring) that affects the DA convertor in my streamer.

Which NUC? Mine is more like 15 watts when idling (7i5), and I thought that was low.

35W is more than the max. TDP that the CPU of a typical NUC can draw when running full throttle

Yeah I know, depends on the NUC I guess, we went over this in the other thread after this

Nevertheless, at 15W 24/7/365 and 0.30 eurocents per kWh, it costs 39.31 euros per year. If price rises to 0.50 per kWh, the difference is 26 euros per year, and a part of that would be offset by avoiding the rescanning every day after turning it off (which uses CPU and HD power)

As I mentioned, there are additional components in the game to convert ethernet to fiber and back…
The NUC itself runs indeed at a 15 to 18 Watt idle. FYI, 300 kW is about 120 € per year (in Belgium), so about the price of a yearly Roon subcription (I’m a lifetimer). By better managing the 200W idle devices in my home (1752kW per year) this is a yearly saving of about 700 € (just received the electricity bill :wink: )

Yeah sure if you are running the equivalent of an Amazon data center as well, it will be more

Hey @Benedikt_Gruyaert,

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work through each thread. I wanted to check in and see if you were still running into long load times when booting up your core?

If so, please take note of the date and time the next time this issue occurs, and share that info here :+1:

Dear @benjamin ,

Thanks for taking a look at this.

I rebooted Roon at 12:00 CET today (10/01/2023) and it took well over 4 minutes before the roon client screen started to show up the albums and about 4,5 min before I could start to play something.

Hey @Benedikt_Gruyaert,

Thanks for sending those over! If possible, can you please access the webUI of your ROCK and do an OS re-install? Be sure to save a fresh backup in case you don’t have a recent backup autosaved :+1:

Let me know if your sluggishness continues after going through the above.

Hi @benjamin,

I just reinstalled the OS to no avail. Still over 4min30sec…
There’s only 7 sec lag between Roon OS boot & Server start.

Hey @Benedikt_Gruyaert,

Thanks for giving that a go! I see that @Hogio_Setiawan may have suggested a few of the same steps already, so my apologies if you’ve already completed them.

That said, the next step would be to test your boot time on a fresh database. Steps to follow below:

  • Stop RoonServer from running via WebUI
  • Navigate to your Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Restart the RoonServer in the WebUI to generate a new Roon database folder
  • On the Roon Remotes, press “Use another Core” and connect to the new database

Let me know how things run on a fresh database :+1:

Hi @benjamin,

I did as you instructed and restored the last backup and same situation.

Try to restore not the last backup but one of your earliest backup available. Your last backup might have the same problem with your current database so try the earlier backup possible.

Another thing is trying with a fresh empty database. The idea is to check if the database is fine or not; that is to pinpoint whether this is a database issue or a possible hardware issue (most often a failing SSD).

All these I have written in more details a few days ago. You could try that and give feedback the results so we can pinpoint more.

Best Regards.

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Hey @Benedikt_Gruyaert,

@Hogio_Setiawan is spot on with this - I am curious to see if your issue still occurs on a completely fresh database. So if you could give it a go again, but test before restoring a backup :pray:


This morning I created a new database on my Windows 11 workstation (i7 / 32 Gb Ram / SSD drives).
A new install with just Tidal boots in less then 20 sec, after 6,5 hrs importing 103000 tracks (no restore) Roon boots in about 2 min. I restored a backup from March (when still on Roon 1.8) and Roon boots in similar time (2min 10 sec).Tomorrow I’ll restore the last point from last week and will see what happens.

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