Static Lyrics display: Feature Request - Text alignment option

Would it be possible to add a text alignment option to the “View Lyrics” window, maybe below the text size selector?
It probably could be done by simply using symbols like those people know from text editors / word processors.

Justification for the request:

  1. Some people might like it better - like poems are rarely printed aligned to the centre (in my experience).
  2. If the lyrics tag contains descriptive text (instead of actual lyrics), centre aligned text isn’t easily readable.
    For instance hyperion (the UK label) uses the lyrics tag to add album and track specific information (from the booklets, at times in addition to the actual lyrics) to the download media they distribute. The lyrics tag could also be used as a vehicle by all those who want to add own notes or such to their music files.

And a note on “justification” - I would hope for unjustified left and right alignment. Usually ragged edges have better readability than flushed edges.

PS: if the option would (also?) be available for the lyrics display in now playing, that would be a great bonus. :slight_smile:

Now, with 1.7 importing Lyrics from file tags and displaying them in Now Playing, I wanted to give this request a boost. While this is OK:

This becomes difficult to read:

So if the alignment could get changed the Lyrics tag functionality would be much more useful, I think.

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we seem to have lost the Lyrics text size option some time ago (based on comments about it in 2017) but also other than having that back especially for static lyrics pages it would be nice to be able copy them.

Still the lyrics page disappears too when a track plays that has none…not an issue but it should come back to lyrics page display when a track playing later has them.