Static on 24/192 material, Beaglebone Black endpoint

Hi all - hoping someone can help me with some troubleshooting.

I am running Roon sever on OSX and use a Beaglebone Black as an endpoint (Ethernet connected to a NAS and the rest of my network), with a Schiit Yggy connected via USB to the BBB.

When I play 24/192 material, I get static along with the music. I have ensured my cpu governor is set to “performance”, and maximised the buffer within Roon to 500ms. I’ve tried various kernels in the 4.9 branch, and am currently using 4.9.39-ti-r50. No DSP enabled in Roon. All Roon software is up to date, as is my BBB install.

Any thoughts?

Unlikely to be anything on the Yggy end as I’ve never had a problem feeding it any resolutions via an odroid c2.

There any hardware limitations on the beaglebone, or the air perhaps very dry in your area?

Solved, I think: I have been able to get rid of the crackle by reinstalling Roon Bridge after changing the kernel.

EDIT: the reinstall did NOT help. I’ve had this crackle issue on mpd as well as Roon, so this seems to be a kernel issue. The latest kernel I’ve tried that has clean sound is linux-image-4.4.9-ti-r25 for the BBB. It is no longer in the repos but is bundled in the bone-debian-8.4 installation images.