Static when using bit-perfect optical out on Windows 10

Hi there,

I just upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday, and for some reason when I set Roon to use the optical out from my sound card in exclusive mode, all I get is static. My sound card is an on-board Realtek device and my external DAC is a Maverick Audio Tubemagic D1.

The optical out works fine when Roon is not set to exclusive mode, and both USB and digital coax out in exclusive mode work fine as well. Any ideas? I’m using 1.0 Build 30, which I guess is the most recent version.


Have you checked with the OEM to see if there are any driver updates for Windows 10?

I have a Lenovo and there are quite a few for it.

Hi Carl,

I actually just fixed the problem, which was resolved by using Microsoft’s Windows 10 “High Definition Audio Device” driver. Previously I had tried updating the driver from device manager, and I also downloaded the latest driver from Realtek, but neither of those steps worked.

So, if anyone has Realtek issues, give the Windows 10 driver a shot and see if it fixes your issue.

Thanks for responding, Carl.