Still having issues connect to my NAS with Nucleus

Just setting up my new Nucleus and excited to use it to access my music files.

I can see my NAS devices in my finder with my MacBook and also with my SONOS devices, but can’t do so via ROON.

I have spent hours searching the FAQ and suggestions, but I am not successful.

Any suggestions?

What have you tried so far. What’s the make of the nas, network share name.
Details would help.
Post some screenshot.

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Try some things here

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Hey @Michael_Sheehan,

How great that you’ve chosen to add a Nucleus to your audio system. We think it’s the best way to experience Roon!

I’m sorry there was so much effort to find out how to connect your library to the Nucleus. Could you please share a bit more about this? We’d love to help :nerd_face:

I have tried many ways to connect to my NAS and have been unsuccessful/ I will try again when I return from a business trip next week.

In the interim I am able to drag fils from my NAS over to my Nucleus SSD and that is working, but slow…

Do I need to keep my MacBook on and running? Are the files going from my NAS to the Nucleus, or from the NAS to my MacBook and then to the Nucleus?

Thank you for all of your help!


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Yes if you drag and drop they do go via the Mac/Pc. best you get back to your home /setup and work it there.

As to the

well if you are dragging and dropping yes, but if your core is the Nucleus and the NAS is the music file location then you only need to start music playing then the Mac can be off, assuming you are playing to another device.

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