Still no top tracks? What gives!

Just installed 1.8 (after various failed attempts on my nucleus+), and now I still can’t see top tracks for artists. Those are only available to me when I go outside Roon directly into tidal and qobuz.

This is so aggravating and makes it difficult for me to discover music for artists which are new to me.

Yes…it’s bugging me that I can’t find how to get this back…the tracks I’d played from an artist previously and the top tracks from the artist were really helpful…where’s it gone and how can I get it back?

We’re having some server issues right now and it’s preventing a lot of the new recommendation features from functioning properly, including popular tracks on artist pages – they’ll be there once we get this resolved.

We’re working on it and should be fixed soon, but this is more people firing up Roon than we’ve ever seen before :astonished:

Stand by guys!

Hi Mike – I can confirm that this is resolved!

From one PM to another, I offer you and the team congratulations on the release. If me and other customers are being noisy, it’s because we consider Roon to be an important product in our daily lives, and we want you to know!

Keep up the good work.


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Thanks so much Aaron – this was a huge lift for the whole team and it’s great to be hearing all the feedback after so long in development.

Much appreciated!

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