Still slow searches

FTR. I’ve not had any search issues for 2-3 weeks, previously there were problems every day.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

How often do you see this behavior occur? Since a reboot helps, it sounds like something that gets progressively slow over time, correct?

As I mentioned above, it would be interesting the next time this happens to not reboot the Core machine, but rather to restart networking gear, or just restart Roon (without restarting the entire machine).

Sorry I may have been a bit misleading the last time and the time before I did just restart Roon server and not the entire machine. Its hard to say how often as it’s pretty random. Can go a week or so and the bam.

Thanks for confirming that, @CrystalGipsy.

Is there any chance that you have another device that you can temporarily use as a Roon Core? Do you experience any similar behavior with a different Core?

I don’t have anything suitable at all.

Okay, thanks for confirming that @CrystalGipsy.

Moving forward I’d like to have the team take another look at a diagnostics report — The next time this happens please provide us with a timestamp and we’ll enable diagnostics.


Will do Dylan.

@dylan up ten days and now its starting to slow down again on searches and loading albums from Qobuz and Tidal. It’s not as slow but it’s getting worse over the last day or so.

@support searches are getting slower day by day.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

Can you provide a couple of examples of searches that are slow for you while in this state? Please provide the following:

  • The search string used
  • The time that you start the search
  • How long the search takes
  • How long the search takes if you perform the search a second time


@dylan its Every search I have made since I replied to this thread 2 days ago. They are all taking an age and have slowed down since Roon server was last restarted. They vary considerably from 5 sec to getting towards a minute on average 20 -30 maybe. 2nd search is generally quicker but not always.

Not home so cant give you any timestamps other than its everything. This is via Android or Windows remotes.

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

When you are next able to use Roon, please provide a couple of examples with the details listed above so we can enable diagnostics and look at those specific example — Thanks!

Just performed 4 searches one after another for 4 different artists form 8.21 GMT.

The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, for popular acts. The Wedding Present and Bombay Bicycle Club for not as popular.

All took longer than 5 secs, with the last two closer to 10. Second search quicker but still too long.

8.26 GMT Miles Davis, around 7 secs, 2nd search 4-5 3rd instant. Loading albums took so long phone went to sleep and app crashed which seems to happen all the time with Android app.

20.40 Aztec Camera likely over 20.

20.42 The High 20 odd secs and failed to bring it up as artist. This is an artist not in my Library. All others so far are.

@CrystalGipsy — I’ve sent you a PM

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

I spoke with the team about the behavior you’re seeing and they reviewed the logs you shared. The logs were helpful in allowing us to better understand the underlying issues you’re experiencing.

As mentioned here in this post by Mike, we have some significant changes on the way related to how search performs in Roon. We can’t provide any specific timeframes as these are some pretty big changes, but we believe that things will perform much better once these changes are available.

We appreciate your patience here as work continues on this project.

Good to know that this is recognised as an issue then with Roons search engine/backend. I hope this can be addressed sooner than later as it does tarnish a great product overall.

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