Sting - Ten Summoner’s Tales - It’s Probably Me

Roon titles this track “It’s Probably”

Allmusic shows the correct title:

I have this album (which was ripped from the CD), and Roon shows the correct title for this song. Have you tried re-identfying the album? Failing that, if you ripped it from CD you can try re-ripping it.

Actually, another Rovi/TiVo release has the wrong track title:

This release is almost certainly the closest match to your local files.

FYI: @dylan @nuwriy

I have the Qobuz version in my Roon library, and Roon has over ridden the correct metadata from Qobuz with the incorrect “It’s Probably” name. I have simple edited the track and asked for the file metadata to be respected for this track.


@soundserge — I’ve reached out to Rovi/TiVo about this and I’ll update this thread when I hear back from them. Thanks for the report!

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