Stop the why have you skipped this track questions

Please stop nagging with this every time I skip a song on an album.
This is not ok!
Give me an option to opt out of feedback! And remeber it…

Is this Roon Radio? I’m not seeing this on any of the play-screens I use.

it is from roon radio, if you click to go to the next track roon will jump in and ask a “brief survey” as to why you skipped. It’s roon building a corpus and trying to learn and help it make some sort of a educated guess in the future on what to play next…

Just ignore the pop-up, and it will disappear after ~30 seconds.

So you skip the track, but ignore the popup and Roon will still register your skip?

I would think it’s more like a vote for all… it would probably not create any bias in the build of the corpus.

I agree. An option to turn this off would be great.

No idea, but one listening session will have no impact on machine learning based on millions of plays.

Post in #roon:feature-requests.

This is not Roon radio, and the window intefers with my user experience, overlaying information, and comes up every time I skip, but only on some albums. An option to turn it off should be there…

Then it is probably a bug. This should only happen on Roon radio. A mod can maybe move this to support and tag them.

Oddly it stopped doing this weeks ago on my iOS version even on Roon Radio.

Hi @Are_Kjersem,

As mentioned above Roon should only prompt when it’s in Roon Radio mode.

As a troubleshooting measure I would first reboot the Roon Core and see what effect it has.

If it still prompting during normal playing after that then Roon @support will follow this up for you.

Hi @Are_Kjersem

Can you share a screenshot of the queue screen when this is happening?

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Mine has stopped doing it even in Roon Radio!