Storage device showing offline

That’s true. If I was using a NUC, I would purchase a fanless case for it.

A couple of years ago my neighbour’s palm tree took a direct lightening strike , which transferred to the nearby phone line.

My kit was unplugged from the mains , as usual, as this was a pretty vicious storm , but unfortunately the ADSL phone line was still plugged into the router/modem. The strike blew the ADSL filter and zapped everything on my network except the PC.

I lost the audio and video streamers, router, switches , AV Amplifier etc

I am now on underground fibre and hopefully immune !!

24/7 is not an option !!

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Hello @Paolo_C,

Thank you very very much for keeping in touch and answering not just my questions, but those from our community members who were so kind to lend a helping hand :pray:

I appreciate you being willing to give scheduled backups a try :nerd_face:. And a big thank you, @Geoff_Coupe for explaining the difference :pray:

It looks like a lot of the issues you’re experiencing, @Paolo_C, might be related to the Qobuz issue that we’re working on with Qobuz:

We’re hoping to update everyone on the above thread as soon as possible. We’ll stay connected.

thank to you rebeka… we will see what happen and in the mean time my suggestion about system message improvement to user remain on the table… we need, you need too, a better (more clear) pop-up message in case of problem/failure

by the way… all my albums are back… :man_dancing: