Strange behavior when adding certain albums

When I add certain albums (mostly hi-res flac albums), the library reacts sometimes unpredictably.
In 1 case, I have the same album in 3 formats (Flac, HiRes Flac and DSD). The library won’t even return the Flac or the HiRes Flac in searches. I only see the DSD.

In other cases, newly added albums show up twice, side by side, with one of them ‘incomplete’.
Say it’s a classical album with 34 tracks. One version shows 34 tracks, the other one shows 30 tracks and both sit visible in the library side by side.

When I copy them off the NAS and then delete the version on the NAS, rescan the library, then re-add to the NAS and rescan again, they still show up side by side…

I wish there was a simple way to ‘nuke’ these false duplicates from the library from within the UI on the Ipad. That would be good enough. As it stands, I am not sure how I can clean this up.

And I would like to listen to my other album side by side in HiRes Flac vs DSD, for testing and comparison…

Added info: when I add these albums, the number of ‘imported tracks’ goes up, there are no additions to the list of ‘skipped files’ and yet I cannot find the albums in the library.

When you add the same album in different formats roon hides the lower Res versions. Look in settings for hidden albums.

Thank you but in that case, why won’t it show my DSD version of Kind of Blue?

The library file count goes up during import, so I know it’s there. But it won’t show up in searches AND it won’t show up in the Skipped Files…

Hi @Patrick_Van_Osta,

Using this case as an example, do you see Kind of Blue in your library at all, even a different version? If so, if you navigate to that album and go to the Versions tab, do you see the DSD version of this album?

No. The only thing I see are two tracks from a 24/192 version which I saved to a separate ‘test’ folder where I keep tracks to review new components.

The album does not show up at all, not in 24/192, not in DSD. Anywhere.

Strike that. I searched for Kind of Blue. The library returns only the 2 tracks I had copied to a Test directory (So What and Freddy Freeloader, in 24/192).
When I click on versions, I get several full album locations (16/44 and the full album in 24/192).
How do I access the 24/192 album without having to go through these steps each time?

The full album never shows up in a search, neither in 16/44 nor in 24/192

And the DSD never shows up at all, anywhere. Even though the ‘track count’ goes up after I import it and there is nothing in ‘skipped files’.

Hi @Patrick_Van_Osta,

When you go to the Versions tab you should see the option to make the 24/192 version your Primary Version. If you do this it should default to this version.

If you navigate to the Tracks Browser and filter by path for the location of the DSD version, do the tracks show up here?

Thank you for those tips . I am currently traveling for work but will try them on Thursday upon my return .

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Update: I have taken a slightly different approach. I searched for and copied off my NAS all copies of the album (3x CD, 1x HiRes flac, 2x DSD).
I forced a rescan of the Roon library, to make sure there was nothing left if the Album.
Then I copied a DSD version back onto the NAS and rescanned again.

Victory! DSD now shows up in the library browse and in the search.

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