Strange behaviour when playing a composition


not sure this is the correct section to post, but I experience some strange behaviour when selecting a composition and play all. The example is an identified album (John Ogdon RCA Collection)

I do select the composition entry and click on play:

when checking the play queue, the composition is strangely split into two:

the work is listed twice and the duration is also not correctly summed up

it will then play the first two tracks twice and the third once in the sequence track 1, track 1, track 2, track 2, track 3

very weird…

@joel any idea?


Moving to @support

@joel – Thank you for the flag!

@Klaus_Kammerer1 — Thank you for the feedback. I wanted to touch base as I am going to be adding this to my testing queue to see if I can reproduce this behavior in house. Once my testing has completed, I will be sure to follow up with my findings asap.


Thanks a lot Eric!

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What do these files look like on your hard drive? Any chance you have two copies of the files in the same folder?


you can bet that this was the first thing I checked ;-). No duplicate files and the album play perfectly in order in JRiver.

Hi @Klaus_Kammerer1 ----- Thank you for the for the follow up and confirming that information for us.

Moving forward, are you able to provide us a copy of this media via a dropbox link in a PM? If you are not a dropbox user, not worries, just let me know and I can offer an alternate delivery method.