Strange failure with login credentials

Very disturbing.

I was using the Linux-based SonicTransporter, the Windows NUC was powered down (because when both are on they seem to contend for ownership of the Meridian devices). I was playing music. The iPad was asleep. I pick up the iPad, there is a red box saying Tidal login failed (I had seen that message before). I try to fix that by logging on, it appears Roon has lost my Tidal credentials (although it worked the day before); when prompted I enter my Tidal credentials. Roon stops, music stops. When I start up again, Roon needs me to log in again. I enter my Roon credentials, rejected. I turn off the Linux box and turn on the Windows box, same result, won’t let me connect, requires login again, rejects my login credentials. I know I have not forgotten the password, because I use a password manager, and of course I use that same password on the community site several times. I try logging into both Roon Labs and the Community online, the password is no longer valid. I have to do the “forgot password” dance to reset the password. Then I log in again – at the moment I don’t remember if I logged into the SonicTransporter or the Windows box, probably Windows.

So something that happened on the Linux SonicTransporter messed up the login credentials back at the home office.

Have you ever heard of anything like this?