Strange Issue with folders

Core Machine

Intel NUC i5, 16Gb RAM, 500 Gb SSD (Samsung EVO) Running ROCK

Network Details

Gigabit Ethernet

Audio Devices

dCs Bartok DAC and Bluesound node 2i

Library Size

25.000 tracks

Description of Issue

Dear Roon team, I’m having an strange issue with my library. I have it in a NAS (Synology) in 3 main Folders:


Here you can see it:


Inside the HD Folder, I have all my folders in alphabetical order:

After nearly 24 hours of scanning, Roon has finished to scan the library, but there are a lot of folders that have been ignored. I’m talking about whole “letters” that are being ignored as, for instance, “D” folder. Here you can see that there are no strange characters (they are neither in “Skipped files”, in fact, there’s no one skipped):


But this is what Roon shows (it’s been ordered by path):

I Have the same issue with other folders like “I”, “J”, “S”. I’ve tried everything:

-Rescan all the folders
-Restart Roon Remote
-Restart Roon Core

But I have thousand of files missed and I do not really know what to do. Any help would much appreciated. I wanted to buy the lifetime subscription, but I’m worried about having these kind of issues…

I haven’t tried to add manually the missing folders, but that would not be a solution for me, as I’m expecting that the library scan works fine enough.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help,

All the best!


I think the way you store your music can cause problems and / or delay. You have chosen a complex way, usually one uses: \ music \ artist \ album \ … the other info must be in the tagging + Roon automatically sees whether it is mp3, flac, 24-96, dsd or others . With the function “FOCUS” you can easily select everything

Hi Fernand_Lambert!

Thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile:

The truth is that I prefer to organize my music that way because is seems more “natural” to me (you know that engineers we are a bit crazy hahahaha) :stuck_out_tongue:

I was using MusicBee before Roon and I had no issue at all, in fact, I honestly think that library mangement in Musicbee is further better than in Roon (of course Roon is absolutely much more, but focusing in library management, if I were a Roon product owner for library management, I would seriously have a look of how they do it).

Finally, I switched off everything (Roon Core, Roon Remote…) and it seems that it started to scan again and identify new folders. Maybe was just too big library and needed a break.

Best regards and thanks a lot for your time!

Make sure there are no spaces on the end of the single letter names like "D " IIRC there is a or was a known issue with this in a folder name.

Thanks wizardofoz!!!

I’ll check! :slight_smile:

are you winning?

Yesss! I rebooted twice the core and finally they were scanned! Maybe it was too big library for one time scanning… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot for your time!


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Mine are organized the same, but over four drives, and I have not problem. The path doesn’t enter the equation for Roon unless needed metadata is missing. But, it still shows up in Roon.

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For some reason, Roon does not scan in alphabetical order. Maybe by date entered into Windows Explorer, or Mac equivalent of it?

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