Strange MQA path on Qobuz (bug?)

While playing one of the tracks from the Qobuz platfom, I noticed a strange audio path. The whole album is in FLAC 44.1kHz, 24bit format. This one track shows 88.2kHz on Arcam SA30 and the whole audio path is shown on screenshots below.

It’s showing the same for me.

Is this a track from an album produced by the 2L Label? They send all their recordings to the streaming services in CD-MQA format… There’s little that Qobuz can do about it. Just make sure that Roon is set to do the first unfold of MQA (as your signal path is showing).

Edit: - ah, I see that the label is Domino Recording Co. Perhaps they’ve started doing the same as the 2L label. Can’t find any information about it on their website though…

I think it’s just a bug in the library identifying and decoding the MQA stream. The more so because the path shows MQA DSD64x48 format, and this is a complete nonsense.

Very possibly - and I see it’s already been reported, and presumably under investigation.


So much for MQA provenance if it can easily get messed up like this and a none mqa file is treated as one.

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I found this weird one only on first track.

Same here.