Strange zone identity issue

Since I upgraded to the latest ropieee - I’m getting a weird issue that I’m not sure if it’s ropieee or roon core (1.7)

I have two ropieee endpoints that roons seems to think are the same.

The have distinct ropieee names and ips (correctly diplayed in roon), but if I try and enable them both roon only sees one as a zone - and if I rename and enable / disable one - the name is transferred to the other.

Anyone seen something like this?

I re-flashed one of the ropieees - but the same issue still occurs.

It’s almost like both have the same roon id…

I’ve switched one of them back to run HiFiBerry OS - and I have my zones back again.

I double checked the roon bridge ids (in var/roon/RoonBridge/settings) and they are not the same.

The Pi2AES device is identified in roon as a hifiberry digi device.

The other device is a hifiberry dac2hd

Any suggestions from the experts here?

So, can you reach both via their webinterface?

And with what url do you browse to them?

Yes - you can see them both (with the same name) here.
I can’t change the names independently.

And just a single zone here

I was referring to the webpage.

I access them via the IP address shown on above screenshot - and they both look and work normally as far as I can see.

And you can not change the name of one of the unit’s in Roon? So change one of the ‘Hi Fi’ names to something else?

Anyways, this seams at least more a Roon thing then a RoPieee thing (as this is completely on the Roon side), but you should be able to rename one of the zones. The only thing I’m seriously wondering if you even should be able to have 2 zones with the same name in your original Roon setup…

If I change one of names and then disable and re-enable they both get the new name.

Have you rebooted your core since this started. I’ve had the issue with not being able to rename zones before. A reboot sorted it.

What @CrystalGipsy said.

And have you already tried to remove them both from Roon? And re-add them?

Rebooting didn’t help.

Disabling and re-enabling the devices also didn’t help.

Forcing an ip change on one of the clashing devices also didn’t help.

Roon still remembers the names - so I wonder if there is a way of deleting the device info.

I think you need to ask the support team.
It has nothing to do with IP address or something, as they are different.

Can you explain what exactly clash? Can’t you play audio to the zones separately?
Can you show us what happens if you try to rename one of the zones in Roon?
What happens if you click on one of the pencil icons right to the zone name?

If one one of the zone Pis is booted it works fine. When I boot the other it seems to ‘disable’ the previous one and take over.

Renaming the pi2 aes zone fails - setting the name back to the old name

Renaming the DAC2HD zone works. However if I then disable and re-enable the pi2 AES zone it acquire the new name.

I’d have rebuilt the DAC2HD zone from scratch - I could also try doing that with the PI2AES zone.

Replacing the sdcard in the DAC2HD with a hifiberry OS card - everything works fine - with both zones appearing in roon.

You can delete the Raat server settings folder content to reset the devices but you will loose any of your settings and have to add devices backm This has helped users with other endpoint discovery issues. It might solve your issue.

Thanks @CrystalGipsy - that disabled the zones, but when I re-enabled them and they came back with the same names and problems.

I finally rebuilt the other ropieee (the Pi2 AES one), and that seems to have fixed it (so at that point both the clashing devices had been rebuilt).

Very grateful for all the help.

Sorry it didn’t work. Glad you sorted it in the end though.

I was struggling with this exact same issue and it seemed nothing I did worked even flashing Ropieee on one and RoPieeeXL on another.

Finally I disabled them in Roon and enabled them again and now it’s working. I think what might have happened is that I installed both of them simultaneously and set them up in Roon while they both still had the same hostname.

Interesting - my issue must be something like that (although mine needed a rebuild of both).