Stream only subscription

As more and more people only use Roon for streaming, and now with the competition from Tidal Connect, wouldn’t it be beneficial for you to provide a stream only subscription on a slightly lover price point?

What is the issue with the price, Roon is cheap enough for what it delivers in my opinion. I spend more (much more) on Fish N Chips annually without a thought. I would expect the development cost would be the same for this option, if not more because of running two systems.

Just my thought on the issue.


As most users, according to roon, are streaming only already there doesn’t seem to be much incentive to change.

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Alright, I wasn’t aware that most users were only using Roon for streaming. Thanks for that info.

Is that actually correct? If it is, it is quite surprising.

I think Danny wrote in a thread that most subscribers are stream only with a tablet and a core.

I’m very surprised. But it is simple and it was how I started though I have since evolved into a more sophisticated Roon user!

Actually I must correct myself. The vast majority have a streaming service but local is also owned by the majority.

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I agree with this sentiment. User base and features should not be split into tiers of subscription.

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Consider yourself corrected! :kissing_heart:

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