Streamer for Onkyo

What streamer do you recommend for my Onkyo TX-8150? I have Monitor Audio Silver 1 paired with it. My budget is around 500-600€
I am a Qobuz user so it has to be integrated in the streamer.
Would a Bluesound Node be a good match?

Best value is rpi,but if you don’t want to tinker,ive got the node 2 and ifi zen stream I can recommend


Would seem to have no async USB input so a RPi with an Allo Digione HAT would provide a co ax output compatible with the co ax inputs

Also check the manual that hapless is supported, my Onkyo AV Amp, 8800 I think, supported DLNA but not gapless even though the server did

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Would have recommended the same. With the Node being my first choice.

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Take a look at the Primare NP5 mkII. It is specifically designed to pair with receivers with coaxial or optical inputs. The native control app is pretty good for a Openhome Streamer.

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