Streamer turning on again after shutdown

Core Machine

Network Details
FritzBox 7490, TP-Link Gigabit Switch TL-SG1016DE

Audio Devices
Naim ND5 XS2, Hifiberry Digi+, Hifiberry DAC+

Library Size
21.984 titles

** Issue **
If I turn of my Naim ND5 XS2 via its power button right before the track ends, it turns itself on again. This is a replicable issue. It only happens if the track is close to its end. I guess that Roon starts playing the next track although the streamer was turned off and is thereby somehow turning the streamer on again.

Roon Core is running on a PrimeMini4; the control app is running on a tablet; I am using the current version (1.8.795).

Hello @Rohangis_Mohseni,

Please accept my sincere apology for the delay in getting back to you. It took us much longer than we had hoped… :pleading_face:

I appreciate the details you’ve shared and the steps to reproduce it. I was wondering, could you please also share with us the Device Setup screen? You can find it by navigating in Roon to Settings → Audio and clicking on the Gear icon next to your Naim.

On the pop-up window, please click on show advanced and take a screenshot.

Thanks in advance :pray:

No problem, it’s no urgent issue.

Thank you very much for sharing that, @Rohangis_Mohseni.

I’m checking with our team to discover why this might be happening. I’ll follow up as soon as possible.

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Even with the current version 1.8.814, this is still an issue.

Hi @Rohangis_Mohseni

When you turn the streamer off is it actively being used in Roon? If you stop playback in Roon first is there any change?

If I stop playback first, it does not turn itself on again. But this feels clumsy because it adds a step to the shutdown procedure, and because Roon takes ages to reconnect to the Core after the app put itself in wait mode. It’s faster and easier for me to push the power button of the Naim.

I can’t remember that this self-turning-on happened in V1.7. I guess something was changed in V.1.8.

Thanks for the info, @Rohangis_Mohseni — I’m going to check with the team on this.

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Hello @Rohangis_Mohseni,

Nothing was changed in 1.8 regarding standby behavior during playback.

Are you running the latest firmware from Naim on the NS5 XS2?

I just tested placing the device into standby during playback with the NDX 2 and was unable to reproduce this behavior.


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The Naim app tells me that I am running system version There is no newer firmware available via the app.

The issue only occurs when I use the hardware button on the device to put it into standby AND when the track that is played is very close to its end AND Roon radio is enabled.

I guess it could be a racetime condition in which Roon radio starts playing the next track shortly after the device went into standby and thus turns it on again.

Hi @Rohangis_Mohseni,

NAIM recently released the 3.8 firmware for the ND5 XS2, have you updated to this firmware?


Yes, I have. But a quick test showed me that the problem persists.

I am also not sure how long I can provide feedback. I recently bought an all-digital pre amp, which is why I will sell the Naim in the coming weeks.

The Naim is sold.

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