Streamers/DACs with integrated Roon Core

Hi everyone,
Five year happy user, first time poster :slight_smile: I’m looking at devices w an integrated Roon Core like the MyTek Brooklyn Bridge II. What other such devices are there? Is there a list?
Thanks, Peter

Why would you want integrated Roon core? This makes no sense. Core can run on any Intel NUC box placed anywhere on the same local network (ethernet).

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This is the Roon link to providers of hardware that are roon ready.
You can make one as well.

You may have 1 “core” per network, you may have any number of endpoints.

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The partner site currently lists no Roon Core devices (separately as own category). I think Roon Labs ditched that category because the partners built devices with own OS and often underspec’d hardware in the past, creating more of a burden for Roon Labs than helping to reach a broader audience. Devices from this former partner program are still for sale though. The Nucleus server series from Roon Labs is just a server (or streamer) but doesn’t have a DAC. The only device I heard of that exist since a long time is listed in the message below:


Mytek OS with roon core

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Thanks for that. As said, I’m a Roon user for five+ years. Currently running core on a Mac Mini. As to “why would I want to do that” - the answer is simplification. I like the idea of a Mytek Bridge II type of device that can play the role of both core + one end point, one less device to manage. Was wondering if there were any others like it.

Thanks for the pointers. So besides MyTek and Merging (looks fantastic but way over my budget, despite the rest of my system being full Accuphase :joy:) are there any other streamer/DACs running an integrated Roon Core?

Merging HQ is literally down the road from my house maybe I should go over and ask them for a neighbors discount :joy:

The mytek is not giving any details as to the processing power used for the BBII - I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not all that powerful and might be only good for a small local library or minimal streaming of favorited albums or tracks…

Time will tell.



Fewer boxes for a start. And cutting out the network - as connecting via USB to the core does, except that has some disadvantages too. In theory I would have though the shorter signal path in a single box would have its attractions. As with most things it would depend how it’s implemented though


Side track: Cutting USB Audio out of the equation is the reason I started looking into network streamers in the first place. Currently have a Roon Core Mac Mini connected directly via USB to the DAC but the more I learn about USB Audio the more I would rather not have it in the picture.

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Good point that’s something to watch for and possibly a good reason to leave the core running on a standard PC/Mac.

I agree with that. It’s one of the reasons why I regularly recommend potential customers to consider our product with built-in DAC (e.g.T2) instead of our U1 MINI without built-in DAC, especially for those using integrated DAC in an amp.

I appreciate the need for that too, but …

Since 4 weeks or so I am a happy owner of an audiodata Musikserver MS II. Audiodata is based in Aachen, Germany ( Oversimplified sayed, the MS II is a Computer purely setup for one purpose: streaming music. It has the operating system incl. ROCK set up on a separate 120 GB SSD hard disk. If you want to, you can order a separate hard disc to contain the library with your music in flac format. A rip-package w/ an external TEAC USB DVD drive incl. dBpoweramp cames as an option.

If you need a DAC, audiodata provides as well an excellent DAC modified to their requirements based on the Manunta EVO DAC AD (improved Clock). With this combination you would have the core and the end point in one „chain“.

The MS II as well as the combination with the Manunta provides just great music and comes with an outstanding rarely to find remote service. You can get as well, a top-class room correction based on intensive measures of you hifi chain in your room via a software extention to Roon and thus without an addition device.

Only drawback: audiodata just sells in Europa (as far as I know).

The master brain behind audiodata is Mr Schippers who has also a very decent track record in building high end speakers (this business he sold a couple of years ago).

Worth a try! Hope that helped.

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Thanks you, will look it up! I’m in Switzerland so Europe is not a problem.

Gerne. Grüße an H. Schippers.

innuos makes fantastic music servers with integrated roon core. ZENith and Statement are out of this world sonically.

The new Innuos ZenMini MK3 also offers some options :wink:

Hey Peter, If you haven’t made a purchase yet I use a Roon Nucleus for both Core and Streamer and it works wonderfully. Roon and others don’t push this idea up front yet I got a big thumbs up from Roon customer support when I asked if this would be a streamlined approach for my system. Instead of using my MacBook as the core and a Luminary’s U1 Mini or BlueSound Node as my streamer I went this route. Of course you’ll need a DAC either separate or built in to your preamp or integrated with a USB input yet this worked great for my system since my preamp has a very nice built in DAC. Although if you can afford the Brooklyn Bridge II it sounds like a great choice especially if you are in need of a DAC. Enjoy!

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Thanks John. I’m still (happily) using a headless Mac Mini as Roon core, and went with a Holo Audio May DAC even though it didn’t fit my initial concept of a DAC with integrated streamer to sidestep USB shenanigans. It was a trade-off I was happy to make given the other qualities of that DAC, including very good isolation and locking on the inputs. I think the Mac does more or less what the Nucleus does too (albeit with a fan), and also allows to run other sw besides Roon on the same box (eg HQPlayer). I will however look into the Nucleus again as I would need to eventually replace the mini. Thanks!