Streaming Crackles or disruption

My setup over all

  • Denon AVR 4500H with Dali speakers in 5.1 setup. Runs great!
  • Rotel A14 (because I wanted to separate the LS from the Denon)
  • Rega turntable (with Musical Fidelity V90 preamp, because 13 meter phono cable from Rega to Rotel)
  • Front speaker Duevel Planets (Omni-Directional) at the Rotel (I know not a good efficiency, but it sounds good :slight_smile:
  • Node 2i - connected to the Rotel (e.g. when using various music services that are not compatible with Roon, like Spotify, Amazon …)
  • also connected to Denon AVR (for TV sound in the kitchen)
  • SAT receiver (Enigma 2 box) delivers sound via S/PDIF to the Node 2i
  • 2x BlueSound Pulse Flex 2i

A Roon Core Hardware like Nucleus or NUC or what ever is missing.
At the moment, this is done by a MacBook Air from 2013. I would like to be sure, it works.

Fritz Cable 6591 - to
-> 1 Switch -> All audio devices and TV
-> 1 Switch -> Home Control (like HUE)
-> Home Office (Mac Workstation)

My goal is to have audio everywhere where I want it,

  • only living area (Rotel) works great
  • all zones together -> Crackles or disruption
  • only home office -> Crackles or disruption

What i have done
Music from Tidal

Bluetooth off
WiFi off
Cable swapped
Node offline
Only one PulseFlex over LAN, Wifi off, BT off
-> Crackles or disruption

When i use the Node 2i only (no ROON) -> it works fine

Anyone an idea what to do?


Hey @Michael_Schultze,

Thanks so much for posting such a detailed description of your setup and issue. Unfortunately, as the post wasn’t made in the Support category, our technical team was not notified. I’m tagging them here, @support, so they can take a look and help troubleshoot.


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Hi @Michael_Schultze,

To understand a bit better:

Are you referring to playing directly to the Mac you mention above? Can you verify which specific devices you’re seeing experience this issue with from above when playing to them individually?

Thanks for answering!

OK, in a nutshell
Roon App or Roon Server App
a) on MacBook Pro (i7)
b) on MacBook Air (i5)

  1. open app, select tidal, select music

  2. stream to Pulse Flex 2i, WiFi or Ethernet, cracks

  3. stream to Nude 2, Ethernet, cracks

  4. stream to connected audio interface (Focusrite), all fine

Only home office means the place of my macbook. Not important :smile:

Hello @Michael_Schultze, and thanks for the clarification! Do you have this issue if you play to system output of the MacBook? Can you share a screenshot of your signal path?

Hello @nuwriy
Everything sounds fine on the speakers on my Mac.
Screenshot is from my MacBookPro i7
As soon as I stream to the BlueSound devices I have these problems. Whether to a Puse Flex 2 i, or both, whether WiFi or LAN, or via the Node 2i to my floorstanding speakers. Whether Mac with audio interface, or MacBook Air without interface.


Works fine here

In your pics, with the Flex playback you have both

  1. volume leveling turned on in Roon, and
  2. Set Crossover and EQ on the Flex 2i itself

Both of which are not used in the Mac playback chain. Try turning off all DSP in Roon (like vol leveling) and on the Flex 2i Amp (Crossover and EQ) and see if there is a difference.

i am not sure to understand it right. DSP is completly off. All (!) toggles are deactivated.

I know you are all working hard on version 1.8.
But, maybe you do not forget my problem here :wink:

Hi Michael,

Volume Leveling is DSP although it’s settings are not found on the DSP page. It is found on the Zone settings page.

My Node 2i is Volume Leveling OFF.

Additionally, in the screen shot above it showed


That means that your Flex 2i is adding Crossover and EQ to the signal. I was suggesting that you go to the Flex settings and turn that off as well, because, that is also a difference between the Flex output and the Mac’s output.

Hi Daniel,

I honestly have trouble understanding that. Or to understand Roon

Because, I can turn off DSP after all. I have too. And still I had the view like in the screenshot.
What do the switches mean then?
Once again
I open Roon and select music from Tidal. Then I play this and then have the mentioned problems

In the screenshot you can see once exactly that nothing is activated. But if you then click on the song title on the dot appears the windo, which you mentioned. This is not all conclusive :frowning:

Is there somewhere a way to free the whole system (MAC) from Roon? Total Reset?

As, I mentioned Volume Leveling is under the actual Zone setting and not with the other DSP and not subject to whether or not anything is enabled or disabled there. This is the place you can turn on/off volume leveling, nothing you do on the DSP page will affect it.

Hmmmmm, :roll_eyes:

is set as “Auto”

Click the drop-down and choose OFF.

It doesn’t matter what I turn on or off. Nothing changes

the settings in the Flex Player are set to default!
Nothing changed.
And that is all the same with the MacBook Air (i5)

I don’t a Flex player to compare, I only have a Node 2i. So, I see a bit different options than you do. But, you said the “crackling” occurs going through your Node 2i using Roon as well.

I gather the Air is running the Core, is it on ethernet or Wifi?

As core I have at the moment the MacBookPro i7. The problem is the same for both devices (Pro or Air). Wifi or ethernet does not matter. Therefore, I have no idea what the reason is. I get crazy :frowning: