Streaming from roon to a popcorn hour 500 pro

I try to stream from the main roon engine (MacPro running Windows 10) via Ethernet to a Popcorn Hour 500 pro.
The Popcorn Hour cannot be seen in the Audio Zones.
Is there a possibilty to make it visible ?
Syabas System is running,
Android is installed as a second system, but performes very poor ( if I use search function in the Playstore, the playstore App says good bye.
VLC Player I could install.

Hi @M_M,

Since the Popcorn Hour 500 Pro runs Linux, I would recommend installing RoonBridge.

Roon Bridge is a software package that extends Roon’s audio playback capabilities to other devices or computers in your home

After installing Roon Bridge on a device, any audio hardware attached to that device is made available to your Roon install exactly as if Roon had direct access to to the audio hardware.

Thank you for the fast reply!
But how to install Linux and the bridge on the PH 500, or is Syabas a Linux system?

Hi @M_M,

Based on the product info found here it looks like the device should be able to run Linux. If you’re able to run Linux you could try installing the Linux version of RoonBridge.

If you can’t log on directly to the Linux partition on the Popcorn, then you’ll probably have to SSH into the Linux partition on the Popcorn device, if that’s possible.

Heavy stuff, with all the potential to brick your device, and you’ll need to know the Linux id/password on the Popcorn.

Best to ask the Popcorn manufacturer for advice on installing Bridge.

Can you use another endpoint to feed the Popcorn? Might be the easier thing to do.

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What do you mean exactly?

Use an RPi/DietPi, for example, running Bridge and connect it to the USB port of the Popcorn.

Enable the RPi in Roon Settings.

@M_M - I wrote Ethernet port when I should have written USB port. I changed it to be correct, obviously.

Old thread but to clarify. The USB port is only for file sharing to get files on and off the internal sata connected drive. It does 4k 30hz doesn’t sound bad with a ESS SABRE Audio DAC [ES9018K2M], always wanted to hear it on a better power supply. Needs 12v 5amps so to expensive.
Not sure linux would be easy the developer could have done much more with this device. Got more difficult to use once Samba 1 was blocked on Windows computers. I used a Qnap nas which still let it log in and access media files once configured just about to sell it off.

There is some info here in the