Streaming from Tidal "TIDAL media is loading slowly. T

Roon Server Setup:
Windows 10 10.0.18363
i7-2600 at 3.4GH
Roon Server 1.7
This is a dedicated machine and is only used to run Plex and Roon

Networking Information
Gigabit (Fiber) into my house.
Gigabit network that the roon server is networked to.
I am streaming to several devices. Another computer that is also hard wired on the network.
Fiber Modem/Hub (initial point of ingress to my home network) Zyxel C1100Z
Linksys LGS108P

Devices being streamed to:
Allo Katana DAC running RPi 3+
Desktop Machine
Apple TV

Description of Issue
TIDAL drops connection on a regular basis. I have to reboot my Roon server nearly every day to rectify the situation. I dont think its a network issue. I upload and download at 900mbps+. I have checked the logs and dont see much in the way of errors. Just some warnings (no reason as to why there is a warning, but a lot of warnings nonetheless).

Troubleshooting Efforts
The only way I can consistently resolve this issue is to reboot my roon server. Which feels like over kill. I will admit I haven’t tried powering down the Katana to see if that helps or not.

Ive noticed a few other threads re: this and none of them see to get ‘resolved’ as much as it fixes itself or its attributed to Tidal. Ive been trailing the logs and nothing looks odd or out of the ordinary. I also just powered down my DAC and let it sit for a few minutes and restarted it. Still getting the warning, or the song on the Katana just STOPS and it moves to the next track.

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks.

I’ve had similar issues to what you have stated here. Skipping, loading slowly, etc… In my case power cycling the router resolved the issue. It happened twice in one week then it hasn’t happened since. I’m all wired now but at the time only the Nuc was wired, end-points were wireless. Worth a try when all else fails.

Maybe Ill give that shot. We did have a power outage a week or so ago and the problem persisted afterwards. But one more time wont hurt.

Hi @Matthew_Weyland.

When this issue occurs, does it impact all of your zones or just the Allo Katana?

If you try starting playback on the Core’s “System Output” or the Desktop’s “System Output”, does that work as expected?

How are you DNS servers set up? Are you using the ISP default or are you using Cloudflare/Google/Quad9?

It impacts all zones. Not just the katana. I was also noticing it on my desktop machine running the desktop client.

On the main server running rune I do not have a player installed at all, so I can not test the system output.

WRT to the DNS server I am running this through my router (Zyxel C1100Z). So Im going of all of the default DNS settings, using DHCP for IP assignment (with the exception of the server which runs on a reserved IP for DynDNS routing and RDP connections to my network).

Hi @Matthew_Weyland,

If you try to temporarily host the Roon Core on the Desktop PC instead of the current Core setup, does the issue occur there as well?

This would help clarify if the issue is specific to your Windows 10 Core or if it occurs regardless of Core machine in use.

To switch Cores:

  • Create a Backup of your existing database (precautionary measure)
  • Navigate to Roon Settings -> General from the Desktop PC (the one that’s not the server currently)
  • Disconnect
  • On the “Choose Your Core” screen press “Use this PC”
  • If asked to unauthorize, select Yes. (You can only have one active Core at a time but are free to switch between Cores as often as you’d like.)
  • Login to TIDAL
  • Verify if the same issue occurs

I will give that a shot on Thursday. I wont have time tomorrow to do that.

Today I was able to stream all day to the Katana DAC as well as my desktop with no issues. I am wondering if the Katana DAC got out of sync so poorly it was affecting other things.

Once i test running on a different server I’ll let you know how it goes.


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