Streaming from your personal cloud and Roon on your phone [Implemented, ARC is now available]

At present I have the annoying situation of paying for a wonderful piece of software at home (Roon) with my perfectly curated and increasingly enriched flac library and bad apps and annoying transfers of flacs onto my iphone.

What I really want to do is have Roon on my phone, which reads from my home server or the cloud, with an ability to download content for consumption when on wifi so i dont use my data.

Is this possible?


But to my understanding something similar is on the works…
Roon needs a core and right now the Core (I think the future as well) will not run on a phone.

You can search the forum and find some info on future request about remote roon.

I seen people VPN back to their home and use Roon on their phone via VPN.

ROON to go is somewhere down the road. Be of great interest to many users.


I too would like to see a cloud based ROON server, so I could use the ROON player on my phone wherever I am. Basically my own cloud based core that sits on top of my TIDAL HIFI streaming subscription. I would pay an annual or lifetime subscription for that. I would also pay for cloud storage to upload my personal music FLAC files to my ROON cloud account. These FLAC files would of course be backed up on a personal drive as well. Then we would never have to use any of the inferior players provided by TIDAL, Spotify, IOS, etc…

Hey guys,

Long time ago, this topic has been discussed, as I understand, there is no progress from roon side?

I really do not understand why roon doesnt invest in offering such solution to roon customers.

Roon users are willing to pay regular fees for a (in my opinion very good) Metadata software.
Most of the are willing to pay thousands of dollars for their equipment and roon cores on rock via nuc, or other server solutions which are dammed expensive.

I’m sure many of us would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for a cloud based core to have roon wherever and whenever available…

I would need for example a 5 TB cloud solution running roon core.
5tb cloud storage is available from 15euro per month to 200. So I don’t think technology is any limit…

The post above is 3 years old, many times “roon to go” has been requested…

Is there any progress or plan from roon?

My 2 cents to this topic.

Kind regards

Now that Plexamp has done this I am really worried its a significant threat to Roon. Roon - you really need an app like this!

Plex is the way i Listen to my music when im out. Im so positively surprised by the way how the App “plexamp” handles my whole library wherever i go.

If plex finds a way to stream lossless to my home gear, i really consider to give up on roon.

Marking this topic as implemented …