Streaming hiccups

Core Machine


Network Details

Fios-G1100 controlled through app on my iPad

Audio Devices

Mytek Brooklyn Bridge connected via ethernet cable to router.

Library Size

2000 tracks.

Description of Issue

After successfully loading ROCK onto a NUC I have been streaming Qobuz without problems. Recently I decided to rip a few of my CDs that are unavailable on Qobuz, which I did using dBpoweramp. Now when I stream those ripped CDs I experience random hiccups and the stream stops.

When I open the app on my iPad I find that the pointer is at the starting point of the track that was playing when the interruption occurred. After pressing the play button the track plays properly and the queue continues until another hiccup occurs.

Sometimes the stream can go for more than an hour without a hiccup, but sometimes shorter. This only happens when streaming my ripped CDs which reside on a USB portable hard drive.

Please advise and thanks for your assistance

Hello @Jack_Glen,

Thank you very much for getting in touch about this and letting us know of the behavior you’re experiencing. We’re sorry we took this long to get back to you.

To pinpoint the cause of the hiccups, would you be able to try to stream the same ripped CDs to the same endpoints but outside of Roon? Does the interruption still happen?

USB storage devices can make great storage solutions, but, they can also be less stable (say, interruption in connection to the Core due to the cable being moved). Could you try, just temporarily move those files on a different storage device? Does the interruption still happen?

Thanks :pray: