Streaming options to Amazon Echo Dot

i can see that amazon echo dot 3/4gen both comes with 3.5mm jack but its described as an output.

Is there any way to stream sound to that device? I was thinking to stream it to the device via bluetooth ? Ie Roon-> arm endpoint (roon _ client) → via Bluetooth to Amazon echo dot?


You could possibly connect a Raspberry Pi to it as long as the RPi has an analog out, or any streamer that has an analog out. Alternatively, you could connect your Mac or Windows Roon Core’s System Output to the Echo Dot and then select “System Output” to play though it.

no sure about that, as its 3.5mm audio output …, normally it should be input if u want bring audio to it…

its not clear and i cant see it from manual… maybe its there so u can output sound to some external amplifier… not sure if that can be used as input.

Get a Roon Ready speaker of some sort and stream Roon RAAT over WIFI.

Bluetooth is the only way to stream to an Echo vian Roon. Google’s devices are supported as Google cast is more open.

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that wasnt subject of the question …

so i was right … well yeah some roon-endpoind with BT transmitter has to be setup :((( pain … and waste of the device…

You can use your core if it’s Mac or Pc if it’s in range . It just becomes another zone. But ROCK nope.

That’s my answer to the question. You can ask a question, but you don’t get to censor the answers you receive. IMHO, if you’re going to the bother and expense to use Roon, you should use a system that makes it worthwhile.

Jim, System Output on a Mac or Windows PC is anything that is connected to the default audio output, which can be wired, WiFi, or Bluetooth. I play music on my Mac from Roon to paired HomePod Minis or occassionaly to a Bluetooth speaker when they (or it) are set as my audio output direclty in the Mac. Same principle applies for W10/W11 computers.

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yes but also trying to find elegant solution, i have audiophile system for roon yes.

These speakers are in kitchen/bathroom etc… to control house … so why not to use them for some background streaming? Noone is going to do audiophile listening on these 20euro ■■■■■■■■■■■■ but why not stream music to background in areas where speakers just waste a space…

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it would be nice if one can execute at least some simple operations via alexa…

ie play / stop zone A,B,C … would be handy.

They tried this and didn’t pursue it as it was too limited and a poor Roon experience, there is something on the forum about it if you search… Also Roon is too close to Room in sound and it apparently confused the voice recognition, no surprise as I find ours dreadful.

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Not a good response Jim. I for one use Roon across many different devices in the house so I get music anywhere not all have to be Roon Ready my friend or even the best quality.

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precisely, same here.