Streaming preferences option not visible (after numerous tries)

Roon Core Machine

iMac late 2015
macOS 12.4
Roon 1.8 (build 988) desktop app
Qobuz subscription (signed in) + local files

Networking Gear & Setup Details

N/A - local machine with local attached storage

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Unable to see “Streaming Preferences” options after numerous restarts of computer.
Forum members have instructed me to “re-boot” the core / server, but I do not understand how to do that on the desktop app (except for re-booting the computer itself.)

If you only have Qobuz then you won’t see the choice as there is none to make :relaxed: - you only have one service.
Sign up for Tidal and by magic the choice will appear.


Aaaaaaahhh - doh!

I thought this would would allow me to prioritise local files over streaming alternatives, not between more than one streaming service.

Thanks for the clarification @ged_hickman1 !!

Much appreciated.

Read the release notes IT DOES NOT APPLY TO LOCAL FILES (shouting off) :rofl::rofl:

Obvious misunderstanding

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