Streaming Radio [Delivered Roon 1.2]

I recall seeing in another thread that you support TuneIn Radio but I can’t see it anywhere.
Is that something still to come or am I being stupid?


It’s not currently available due to licencing issues needing to be resolved.

Coming sooooooon.


OK, no worries, thanks for the fast feedback.
I have pleeeeeenty of other goodies to get to grips with in the meantime!
Great product so far, absolutely gob-smackingly good!

I’m missing it terribly but I’m confident they’ll sort it out.

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Yes, I’m having to run a dual operation at the moment.
I’m not a total creature of habits but many mornings I like to listen to radio through my DSP7200s.

Until Roon supports TuneIn I have to keep my Sooloos going.
That and the lack of iPad support are the only things stopping me putting the MC200 up for sale :grinning:

+1 Tunein (such as what Sonos uses) would be extremely handy/important to have - if my Sonos system is to be replaced.

Beside TuneIn, there’s still Streema or vTuner

Hi! Is there any update on TuneIn integration timelines ?

no update… still stuck in legal nonsense.

sonos tunein is supposed to be very bad (comments from the sonos forum). Personally would like to have BBC iplayer live and “listen again” as per developed via the Logitech media server plugin by Triode - no licensing issues, but someone would have to code…

roon plus this would make me very happy (and a lot of sonos users who are sick of tunein) :smile:

The feature list for the forthcoming version 1.1 of Roon seems to provide almost everything I could wish for at this stage - except Tunein support.

Is the legal stuff mostly about reaching a mutually acceptable agreement or is there any way that user lobbying could assist? For example, in the same way that many of us have been voicing our thoughts on the Qobuz forums?

As I’ve said elsewhere, I can wait.
But if there’s anything that a loyal community can do to help I’m sure there are plenty of willing volunteers.

I would also love to see Internet radio in Roon.

I understand Auralic were in discussions with Tunein, but eventually went their own way with their Lightning DS app. In October 2014 Mr. Wang said:

“We gave up at last. They ask for $150K for API integration and the radio station still contant advertisement while playing. That’s simply does not work.”

I have used a Grace Digital streaming internet radio in the past. Not sure if they make their radio database available, but it felt quite comprehensive.

Edit: @danny, if Roon and Auralic are working together, there may be scope to use the Lightning DS radio stuff ?

… like in iTunes. Would love to hear local or world wide radio stations

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TuneIn emailed me 2 days ago about their new Premium $8 month application for both computers and tablets so I wonder if this will delay any type of TuneIn integration with Roon. I currently use TuneIn through Sonos but actually works better sent via airplay from my iPad or iPhone to an AppleTV or airplay ready device. But would be nice to have in Roon but not totally necessary for me.

Just wondering if it will be possible to add a custom streaming url? For example a private audio stream. kinda like how In iTunes I can open up a stream url? I would find this really useful and pretty much make Roon my only music app to use.


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I really really need radio! Somehow!

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Yes another vote here - this is the only piece missing from the puzzle for me as I am now addicted to Radio Paradise and am running a RP2 with Max2Play just for that !!!

Just to bring this topic back to the top and see if there is any progress on Radio Streaming of any sort. Pleeeeeeease.

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Yes please as another Radio Paradise addict!

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