Streaming Radio [Delivered Roon 1.2]

That’s exactly what I meant. Not a Foobar user but good to know.

When I stream from Soundcloud, NPR Music, etc. I am curious about the compression of the audio, especially f I want to record it bitperfert.

This is perhaps a bit too generic, but as an internet radio noob I’m a bit confused over how to determine whats the best quality stream, which sounds like its going to be important if we’re typing URLs in directly.

From what I can gather, it depends on both codec and bitrate, and there are several variants (or more than several). So maybe a 64AAC will sound better than a 128mp3? Or not? Does anyone have a simple chart that could be posted as a guide?

I can see why Roon are going down this URL road - to give users a feature sooner than would otherwise be possible - but I have to say (and I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here) even before it’s released I get the impression its not really going to be ‘in line’ with the ‘Roon’ way of doing things - which is to take the user way from this sort of stuff and present music in a slick, UI and metadata rich interface….

Like so much else in Roon, user feedback is going to count for a lot, so give it a try and if it’s not up to scratch, let them know how to improve it.

Obviously radio streams don’t contain the metadata Roon can access through Tidal, so we shouldn’t be expecting the same integration with music streamed by Internet Radio.

Of course I’ve not seen it yet, but from what I’ve read in this topic it just seems like the usual Roon standards haven’t quite been applied to internet radio. I guess I just imagined Roon would take internet radio - as provided by the likes of TuneIn etc - and make it ‘better’ or more ‘Roonlike’, doing something quite unique with it, rather than sharing streaming links on this forum for example.

As one example, when other streaming services have been discussed in the past, the Roon guys have been pretty adamant that unless they can get full cooperation from a provider that would enable a solution they’re completely happy with - at least being as good or better than, say, their Tidal integration - then its a no go. Perhaps its just been deemed that there’s no point holding back for a fully-fledged internet radio as its not a big enough feature or whatever, so was just curious as to whether this more relaxed stance could be taken in other areas - i.e. if there’s demand for features/services that wouldn’t provide the ‘full’ Roon experience in the first version, we could at least have it in that state, rather than not at all.

Again, I’m not knocking the idea of having a feature sooner if there’s a demand for it - and it sounds like this approach to radio will keep many users happy (and is perhaps all anyone wants) - but it just seemed (to me anyway) like a bit of a departure from ‘the company line’ so to speak.

Still, I’m looking forward to v1.2 for so many reasons other than internet radio…

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Internet Radio implementation, but it’s a fundamentally different beast from a music streaming service. Roon can’t create bit rates or metadata where it doesn’t exist. A lot of folks have been asking for Internet Radio and it’s about to arrive, but it’s Internet Radio, not a metadata rich hi-fi stream of the same music Internet Radio happens to be playing. Maybe the latter will be possible one day, but not in 1.2.

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Most internet radio stations broadcast the artist-track metadata though. Is there any reason that couldn’t (optionally) feed into one’s history and be clickable?

I’m sure that there are loads of reasons! Less flippantly, I think it would be possible, but the scope for ambiguity is probably quite large. FYI, currently there is no metadata for the BBC HLS streams.

No that’s right the BBC are currently “doing their thing”, which is a bit odd because they do broadcast the information on DAB.

In all honesty there’s a lot more pressing stuff to work on than putting lipstick on the pig that is internet radio…it’s got nothing to do with hifi and cannot currently be enriched the way a tidal stream or your own collection is. That said, I’m sure the interface will be good, albeit lacking metadata.

I don’t think you could more more Rong.

Internet radio is a priceless form of music discovery, and I Scrobble it today to capture artist-track info to later delve into in further detail. It seems like a natural extension of Roon’s capabilities.


Yeah, I kinda agree. But I still get antsy whenever I have to leave Roon to listen to something. Roon’s streaming Radio feature will keep me in the app. I listen a lot at my desktop and between the browser tabs, Tidal, and Roon there’s a lot of stuff running. So when the phone rings, it’s a semi-panic to find, pause and not merely mute…

Agree it’s great for music discovery, but it’s not hifi. Addressing things like metadata editing is imho much higher on the priority list than doing more than enabling addition of Internet radio streams.

Metadata editing isn’t hifi either!

Finding a track listened to via Internet Radio and playing the album through Tidal most certainly is hifi.

Touché … however, it goes to the heart of being able to explore a music collection in ways not previously possible. Metadata and how it’s brought together sits at the center of Roon’s value proposition.

If you want music discovery, and you have Tidal integration, then you can go into the Tidal view, select Genre and say Alternative and then find a playlist.

There’s lots there to explore and I’m sure you’ll find something new and you’ll be able to listen to it in higher quality than Internet streaming.

Cheers, Greg

Then again, for those of us who do not use Tidal, having the internet radio metadata as history would be very valuable.

Some of us just want internet radio streaming integration for reasons completely unrelated to Hi-Fi or even music. Coming from LMS/Squeezeboxes, I’m used to having everything in one interface (my music, music services, internet radio, etc.). My wife wants to pick up the control, choose a local NPR station to listen to news programming (or a BBC station, etc.). Nothing to do with music/hi-fi and everything to do with having a home audio system that handles our audio needs.

edit: And I too find a lot of new music via internet radio streams from independent stations with real people creating playlists (like the “underground” radio I grew up with in the 60s/70s).


Indeed, several stations I wish to stream have content that is not even music, let alone HiFi.

In the old days it would still have come out of my speakers, using a tuner/amp and possibly a remote control which to all intents was a single “interface”.

Then I moved onto streaming audio/radio with Squeezebox, which was even better.

Now, Roon is for me the ultimate music interface but is lacking the above. This latest addition will redress the balance, and I have every confidence it will do it in a way which will meet my requirements - either from the outset, or at some later point.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Roon is the most agile and responsive outfit I’ve come across in many a year. A class act.


I thought Roon was about ‘engaging us with Music’, ‘like a searchable, surfable magazine’, rather than hifi… :smile:

I also want a single music playback environment… whether it be my own music, music streaming from services like Tidal or radio streaming. I’ve done exactly that for years with LMS and Squeezeboxes. Radio from NPR or other favorite stations gets a fair share of play time in my home and switching away from Roon to get it now is a pain. I don’t need nor expect the same Roon depth of experience when listening to radio, but having it all accessible from the same UI will be a huge win.

v1.2 will go a long way toward getting me to finally turn off LMS (well, that and a Roon iPhone app :wink:

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