Streaming Roon to an Oppo vs. Bluesound Node

I currently am streaming Qobuz using Roon to an Oppo 203 that is connected via hdmi to a Marantz 7012 AVR, so I am using its DAC. What are your opinions concerning my current setup and if anyone thinks that the Bluesound Node would be a better fit sound quality-wise. I could use analogs from the Node to the Marantz.

My three cents here…
Probably better off where you are now, the DAC in the oppo is better than the one in the Node…IMHO.

And yes, I have actually tried both…

Node is gone, Oppo is still here.

But, he’s not using the DAC in the Oppo. To use the Oppo DAC he would need RCA’s out from the Oppo to the Marantz. I would try that.

It’s an Oppo 203 not a 205, so I think the Dac in the marantz is better than the Oppo.

Good catch Jim
Only way to know Bill would be to try, the dac in both the 203 and 205 were pretty stout.

Still either way I doubt the Node would be an improvement.


If you are using analog from the Node to the Marantz, you are likely using both the DAC in the Node and the DAC in the Marantz or, possibly, using just the DAC in the Node. Either way is inferior to just using the DAC in Marantz.
OTOH, why is the Oppo even in this arrangement? What is sending Qobuz/Roon to the Oppo and why can it not send it directly to the Marantz?

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If you read more closely, Qobuz via Roon is streamed wirelessly to the Oppo. I have not tried the Marantz as I am able to view the track being played with the Oppo. I do not have a Node yet, that is why I asked the question. I use the Oppo also for BluRay, DVD and CD.

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I also noticed that the latest Node had a newer DAC chip in it, so I wondered if it would sound better than the Marantz.

The latest Node 2i is supposed to have a better internal DAC that is correct.

Maybe if you could get one on a trial with return policy as they are $500…

Last I checked nearly 600 on Amazon. The new DAC isn’t specified but I’d bet it is an ESS.

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ASR was not impressed overall. And he lists the DAC chip: “I looked up the DAC chip and it is the TI PCM5242.”


Thanks for all the input. I just found this regarding the Marantz: Marantz SR7012 is equipped with two AKM AK4458VN 32-bit 8-channel DAC chips.

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And this about the Oppo: Advanced Audio Processing The UDP-203 features a premium 32-bit DAC from AKM, the AK4458VN, which is an 8-channel DAC with support for formats such as 192 kHz / 32-bit PCM and multi-channel DSD. So it seems that the Marantz and Oppo have the same chip.

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I did not (and still do not) see where you said that but, if so, that does make a difference.

Yup and the Node does not. It does offer wireless convenience.

il give you my opinion as i own a marantz sr7012 and node2 and did have a oppo 203,I messed about with different dacs including the node2/bel canto dac3 /ares 2 and recently the gustard x16 going into my sr7012 to try and improve the sq,all these dacs going into my cyrus amp I would be able to name at least 2 maybe 3,but going to the sr7012 I couldn’t hear any difference in sq between them,the sr7012 isn’t capable enough

James, I’m not sure what you are saying. The 7012 is not good enough? Can you clarify what you are trying to say?

What I’m meaning is all the dacs I’ve tried going into my sr7012 didn’t improve the sound quality,they all sounded the same,going into my cyrus amp it’s then I can tell the difference between them,the sr7012 is a good home theatre amp but for serious music listening it’s a no no

Maybe what happens when you run an analog signal from an external DAC into an AV box is that it redigitizes it itself, then uses its internal DAC to regenerate the analog signal. These things are really digital boxes.

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Doesn’t the sound of the external DAC being used when connected via analog bypass the DAC in the AVR?

Depends on the AVR, but in general, no.